Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Swap shop

Just a quickie....... have just got in from the crafty swap at Newark library.  Me and Louise popped in, donated some wool, zips, buttons, stampers and oddments of fabric, and came away with some good swaps.  I got the fabric below

and some wadding - which will be used in my Christmas table runner (if it ever gets finished in time)

Louise got lots of baby pink and baby blue fabrics for the bunting she has been making.  No photos of her fabric swaps I'm afraid, but here is the baby's room, with the bunting we made together, and the button picture I made for her wedding present.

For some reason you will all have to lie on your sides to see it - whatever I do I cannot manage to rotate this picture - sorry (a good excuse to have a nap while you're down there!)



  1. Ooh you went! You have got some nice swaps. The bunting and button picture look lovely (didn't stop for a nap)! Di x

  2. Cool idea having a community swap! You got some good finds there! Jxo

  3. Lots of my pics live sideways too!
    What a brill idea, having that swap!