Thursday, 8 November 2012

Feeling grateful

Those of you who have been with my blog since the beginning (hello you two!) will recall that I intended this blog to be about the things I made and created, from things I grew, found, discovered and aquired!

As I got deeper into the world of sewing blogs, it took another turn and has mainly focused on sewing and quilting and the fabric side of things.

I'm kind of going back to the beginning today.

Today I am feeling grateful for other people being generous...........

I have been given a bag of green tomatoes and apples from Sue at work.  It was full of the most gorgeous green tomatoes, from teeny weeny to very amusing - check out my favourite!

I did a bit of research and learnt that if you store them in cardboard in a warm dark place they will ripen and turn orange - so these are forming an experiment to see if that is the case.

And these have been turned into green tomato soup (I considered making chutney but decided to make something I love, and I far prefer soup to chutney).  The recipe is here.

I snuck in a few of these bad boy chilli's that Polly grew - and gave me a little packet - they may look small, but they are mighty powerful.

These were the apples, and they will be turned into a crumble and apple cake this evening. 

Here are all my pots of soup (the paler ones are the green tomato soup) made this morning

Now....... it wouldn't be a proper blog post if there wasn't some reference to fabric would it??  I was really touched and a bit overwhelmed when Di handed me an enormous bag of scraps from Trudi when she came over for "stitching it together" this week.


I am going to spend this evening colour coordinating all my scraps, now I have a collection big enough to organise....  THANK YOU to Trudi.

So watch this space for my next post which will show my lovely colour coordinated scraps..... and my efforts at learning to crochet when we met with Hannah for "stitching it together" this week.


  1. Cool tomatoes! I love to see a batch of soup all made up like that (though prefer it when it's in my kitchen, cos then I know my freezer is getting well stocked!). Have fun scrap sorting!

  2. I've always meant to make green tomato chutney and never managed to get round to it. I don't like soup really. Scraps look fun - can't wait to see what you do with them - even if that is just organise to start with!

  3. Great scrap pile you gained there! Nothing tastes better than homemade tomato soup

  4. That green tomato soup looks delicious. Di x

  5. Oooh, this is making me hungry! Those apples look scrummy :-)

  6. If you put either a banana in with the ripening tomatoes, or a ripe tomato, they will ripen more quickly. It is to do with the methane they give off!

    I am definitely coming to yours for great food some time! If only you were nearer!