Sunday, 8 September 2013

September's here

Well after such an amazing summer, I didn't really want September to arrive.  But it has, and routine and work and cooler nights and dewy mornings are definitely here.

So, I already blogged about our wonderful Cornwall holiday.  And since then we have had more highlights.  I took Hope to London for the first time, and we met my parents there for a real touristy day.

We saw the changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace.  We had a picnic in Trafalgar Square.  Went to West Minster Abbey and went round the cloisters.  Then took my parents to Fortnum and Mason for afternoon tea to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  The whole day was magical.  My Dad had researched everything so was a brilliant tour guide, and found photos of me as a girl when I used to go to London to see my grandparents. It was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. And Hope loved seeing photos of me as a girl where she was going now.

Then we went to Shambala festival.

There are really so many fantastic experiences we all had during this weekend that it's difficult to mention them all.  I think the children expressed how much they enjoyed themselves by often saying 'I never want to go home'. 'I want to live here', 'Please can this never end'.

We danced, we ate great food, we made magic potions, walked on tightropes, did sewing workshops, drumming sessions, fancy dress most days, pirate water fights, survived the compost toilets, made friends, stayed up late, saw fireworks, saw circus acts, explored the magic forest, danced, and danced some more.  We will be going back.

And, that brought the summer holidays to an end. 

Since then the children have gone back to school and Nursery, I have been back at work (and faced the huge backlog of work that the summer has caused), and we have started to decorate the dining room.

Which brings me on to the fact that there will be no 'Stitching it Together' in September because we are upside down at the moment.  But I will do another blog post soon with new dates.

However, I had a lovely day with the East Midlands Modern Quilting Guild yesterday which has sparked my sewing mojo again!  These were my two wonky blocks for the charity quilt we are making.

There has been limited sewing this summer.  A bee block for Fiona

And two more birthday cushions........

 I hope you have all had a great Summer