Sunday, 24 March 2013

more quilt as you go!

Those of you who regularly read this blog will know that I have something of an addictive personality...........  in my sewing this seems to manifest itself in me learning to make something, and then wanting to immediately make another one, and another one... you get the picture.

My current favourite is my newly acquired quilt as you go technique..... which I have now combined with my obsession with making cushions for presents for everyone.

Hard to see the quilting, but I think my lines are getting straigher.

This is a birthday present for the 12 year old girl next door......  her room has a pink and white theme, so I am hoping this cushion will fit right in. 

The back..............

There is also another birthday coming up soon, for a 5 year old...

I have also been practicing for my apron swap, and taking the opportunity to use some of my vintage sheets to do so..........

It's reversible............  I think I prefer the bright green print as the front

I'm not so sure about the pockets, but they are tea towel material so they are good for wiping hands on!

The pattern I used is here.  It was good to make, but I might try another more shaped apron style for my partner.

Friday, 15 March 2013

It's finished

Just nipping in quick to show you my finished zippy pouch using my newly aquired quilt-as-you-go skills.

Massive thanks to Di for showing me how to do this, and to Trudi for the fabrics.... Trudi you will recognise the gorgeous grey around the edge, and if you peek closely lots of the scraps may remind you of quilts you have previously made!!!

I hope those of you who are off to the first meet up of the East Midlands Quilting Guild tomorrow have a fantastic time.  I am sad not to be able to come along (I shall be abseiling, climbing and zip wiring with 40 Brownies - although hopefully one of them will be scared of heights and I will have to sit with them at the bottom!) So I look forward to hearing all about it, perhaps see you there next time.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

This week

Last night four of us met for 'Stitching It Together' (although I am thinking of re-naming this 'Nattering Together'!!)

Di Showed me how to QAYG, and there are pics of her examples here.

So today I have been having a go myself

It's hard to see the stitching in these photos..... but I'm pleased with the general effect, and I like this technique.  I think these are destined to be a zippy pouch.

One of my favourite things about meeting up with other bloggers is 'show and tell' time, and last night Trudi had the most amazing things to show us.  It's also learning new things from other people.  So my two new tips which I am enjoying putting into practice are hanging my mini scissors on a lanyard round my neck when I sew so I am not always losing them, and sticking a 1/4 inch guide on my sewing machine to mark where I should sew.

There won't be a Stitching It Together in April because of the Easter holidays - but hopefully there will be more chatter, cake and maybe even some sewing on Weds 8th May.

Things I am not so pleased about this month is my hipbees block for Rachel.  I am not sure what happened, I think I got confused when I followed the tutorial, anyway, look -  I completely lost every point in this block. There is nothing sharp about any of the corners.  Gutted.  Rachel has been very kind about it all, and I sent her a little something to say sorry when I sent my block off to her.  Perhaps I will be put in the remedial class.

Something new I have signed up for is the apron swap.  There are still a few places if you fancy it - doesn't everyone need a sassy apron when they're in the kitchen!!
Grab button for Celtic Thistle Stitches

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Pippi's are coming home

It's been very exciting this month as I was queen bee in the stash bee during February...... 

I asked for this little girl block, as I hope to make a quilt for me eldest daughter's bed.  I first saw these blocks made in the Bee Blessed bee, and knew instantly that I wanted to make a quilt like this myself.  She is called Pippi Longstocking after the red headed character in the children's story book.

So the usually mundane activity of checking the post every day, has been super exciting, as little parcels keep dropping through the door.

Here are some of the Pippi blocks I have received so far.

This one has an adventurous story to tell.  The package was mangled by the post office, and arrived in a plastic bag, which said 'SORRY' on the front, and Pippi's legs were sticking out.  Luckily when we retrieved her, she was fine, just a little dirty from splashing in puddles!


Then there was a great surprise when I received this one, as it was made by Tracy my lovely sister 'not-in-law', she follows my blog, and so made a block for me..... I was thrilled to bits,

There are a few more blocks still to be made, and several that I know of are still en route....  but it will be very exciting when I can finally put this quilt top together.   Massive thanks to everyone who has made a block for me, I love each and everyone of of them, and the colours and fabrics are so varied. It's going to be lovely.