Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Working through the list of sewing things!

 It's been very exciting recently, as in May I was queen bee in the hipbees, I asked for paper pieced stars.  These beauties have come back home to me, and I have now started to lay them out and work out how I am going to put the quilt together.  Moira had some good ideas for falling stars and negative space, and I did lay them out to try that kind of thing, but I think plain and simple might be the best for my Mum (the quilt will be for her 70th birthday), and so I think I will make up enough extra stars to make a square quilt.
There was some London hat sewing for Herbie.  Hope and I write to Herbie every week as he is currently in Great Ormond Street hospital after a bone marrow transplant, and when he lost his hair, we decided to send him a hat.  You can see him wearing it here, and also follow his Mum's inspiring blog if you want to know more about a very remarkable family

Then I tackled some flowers for Rachel’s hipbee blocks this month………  I loved making this vase of flowers, what fab colours she has chosen for us.

And then sadly I tried out a new technique (note to self, never try a new technique with someone else’s bee block fabric), to try using freezer paper to get neater edges for this block, which was meant to be modern lolly pop flowers…….  Well I think the bird is quite cute, but the flowers are dreadful, and I am gutted to be sending this block to Rachel.

And today (finally, only a year after I received all the blocks) I have basted my last year’s hipbee quilt which was meant for Eden’s birthday last December, and so I am determined she will get it for this year’s birthday instead!  I’m off to buy some white thread to quilt it with this afternoon, and then hopefully I will stop procrastinating and get on with it.

Also, last weekend was our local baking and handicraft show, and so I entered the quilt I made for my brother's girlfriend, Rachel.  I loved seeing it hanging here.