Saturday, 26 May 2012

Linky Party goers

Fat Quarterly

Mmmmm so how did this ever happen?  I seem to recall an evening with a nice glass of white wine, a discussion about the fact that I never get the opportunity to go anywhere/do anything these days.... and hey presto I clicked on the button and bought myself a ticket to go to London.  I do still have to pinch myself occasionally to see if it is really true that I am actually going!

BUT YES I AM.......................

So, move over nerves and panics and worries that this will be like letting 5 year old into an A level exam and expecting her to know what to do, because it's all too late for that!

This is me

I live in Nottingham.  Am just dashing down to London for the Saturday, not able to stay for the evening fun and frolics.  And I am doing freezer paper piecing in the morning and wonky logs in the afternoon.

This was the first thing I ever sewed - at school (yonks ago) when I was about 13.  So it's come full circle I started with wonky log cabins, and next weekend I will try and learn to do them again!

My blog name of second chance Tan, is because the vast majority of things I use for my sewing projects are found, or discovered, or reclaimed or recycled in some way.  Most of my fabric is stumbled upon in charity shops or car boot sales, or I chop up my kids old clothes and use them (the in word for this seems to be upcycling - but if that's anything like cycling up hill then I'm not sure about that)

I feel that I am still at the beginning of my sewing journey..... a real beginner, and I am desperate to join the 'proper club' and actually make a big quilt.  One day.  But for this weekend, just understanding the lingo and being in the right place at the right time will do for me.  If I actually make something nice then that is a bonus.

Most of all though I am looking forward to meeting up with people I have admired and grown to like through their blogs.  I have so appreciated the inspiration that your blogs have given me.  This year I joined stash bee, and I have made a few bee blessed blocks, and I am beginning to look forward to the 1st of the month to see what the next blocks will be.

Seven sleeps to go...............

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I think I survived!

None of this will be about sewing, quilting or crafting, so stop reading now if you like.

I have just survived the most hectic few weeks, but we had a lot of fun along the way.

Work has been bananas and I have been working 15 hour days.  And this week we have had two birthdays, Mark's and then Hope's fourth birthday.

here is the birthday girl

We had a princesses and fairy tales fancy dress party for Hope in the church hall.  With 14 little friends.  I had hoped to have an entertainer, but realised that the cost was beyond us, so we did it ourselves.  Mark got a pirate outfit and was an absolute star entertaining the kids with games and stories and dancing competitions.  My brother helped out doing crafts with the kids, so they made their own door sign to take home with them. We had lots of good homemade food for a party tea - and piles of crisps!  Then everyone young and not so young joined in with crazy paracute games.  Hope was thrilled with her birthday cake (and I was thrilled that it didn't collapse) And all the kids went home with my home sewn party bags full of goodies.  All in all it was a wonderful party, and I think we will all have fond memories of it.

I love celebrating, and parties, but I would like a bit of normality to resume now!!!


Saturday, 12 May 2012

This time last week

This time last week you may remember I was getting ready for my meet up with Di from Willowbeck designs.  We had a fab morning, and two and a half hours just whizzed by.  It felt like a really luxury nattering about sewing and crafts and our families all morning.

Here we are

That seems like a very long time ago, although it is just a week.

I'm afraid there's no sewing to update you on, as this week the sewing machine did not make it's way out of it's corner behind the sofa it has just been too busy.

And looking at my diary things are a bit crazy over the following week too.  Tomorrow it's a team effort with two friends and three wall paper strippers to help take the wall paper off the hall stairs and landing (that's two staircases - uuurrrgh).  Then the carpets will come up and the re-decorating process will begin.  I think it will be a long time before the decorating is finished (painting is a slow process in this house!).

And next weekend it is my eldest daughter's fourth birthday..... so lots of plans are afoot for a princesses and fairytales party in the church hall.  (If anyone has a pattern for red riding hoods cloak let me know).  I think there will be an update about birthday cakes before there is any more sewing getting done (thank goodness all the bee blocks got sent off last weekend)

Have a good weekend whatever you are up to

Saturday, 5 May 2012

A sunny Saturday

It's a sunny Saturday - yippeeee.

And I have the luxury of a child free day out, to do some lovely stuff.

There will be a trip to the Post office, to post these parcels - one is a PIF, one a surprise and one some blocks for someone - see if one of these lands through your letterbox!

Then Halfords to buy Hope's birthday bike. I have given in and decided to get the pinkest, sparkliest one I can find!

And then an exciting meet up for coffee with someone I have met in blogland, and will be at the retreat, so I am very excited.

Plus I did some sewing..........  made my pot holders for the sample swap for the retreat

And this months bee blessed blocks.

I think both these projects appealed to my addictive personality, as once I started making them I just wanted to make more and more!!  hence a total of 6 pot holders and three bee blocks in the end!  Does any one out there actually need a pot holder????  ; )

Right.... can't stay here at the computer, there's fun to be had!

have a great weekend