Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I think I survived!

None of this will be about sewing, quilting or crafting, so stop reading now if you like.

I have just survived the most hectic few weeks, but we had a lot of fun along the way.

Work has been bananas and I have been working 15 hour days.  And this week we have had two birthdays, Mark's and then Hope's fourth birthday.

here is the birthday girl

We had a princesses and fairy tales fancy dress party for Hope in the church hall.  With 14 little friends.  I had hoped to have an entertainer, but realised that the cost was beyond us, so we did it ourselves.  Mark got a pirate outfit and was an absolute star entertaining the kids with games and stories and dancing competitions.  My brother helped out doing crafts with the kids, so they made their own door sign to take home with them. We had lots of good homemade food for a party tea - and piles of crisps!  Then everyone young and not so young joined in with crazy paracute games.  Hope was thrilled with her birthday cake (and I was thrilled that it didn't collapse) And all the kids went home with my home sewn party bags full of goodies.  All in all it was a wonderful party, and I think we will all have fond memories of it.

I love celebrating, and parties, but I would like a bit of normality to resume now!!!



  1. That looks like a marvellous party you had there - well done on making it all work out so well. Your little girl looks very happy. I hope things calm down a bit for you now, though...

  2. Fantastic party! Hope will remember it forever. That cake looks amazing, you can make fab cakes and sew! The bike is a little girl's dream. You pulled off a stinking birthday. Di x

  3. What a fantastic cake! It looks like a great party too. What on earth do you do that you have to work 15 hour days? Hope that soon stops!

  4. Doesn't turning 4 seem like a big age! Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! Enjoy a well deserved break! Jxo