Saturday, 12 May 2012

This time last week

This time last week you may remember I was getting ready for my meet up with Di from Willowbeck designs.  We had a fab morning, and two and a half hours just whizzed by.  It felt like a really luxury nattering about sewing and crafts and our families all morning.

Here we are

That seems like a very long time ago, although it is just a week.

I'm afraid there's no sewing to update you on, as this week the sewing machine did not make it's way out of it's corner behind the sofa it has just been too busy.

And looking at my diary things are a bit crazy over the following week too.  Tomorrow it's a team effort with two friends and three wall paper strippers to help take the wall paper off the hall stairs and landing (that's two staircases - uuurrrgh).  Then the carpets will come up and the re-decorating process will begin.  I think it will be a long time before the decorating is finished (painting is a slow process in this house!).

And next weekend it is my eldest daughter's fourth birthday..... so lots of plans are afoot for a princesses and fairytales party in the church hall.  (If anyone has a pattern for red riding hoods cloak let me know).  I think there will be an update about birthday cakes before there is any more sewing getting done (thank goodness all the bee blocks got sent off last weekend)

Have a good weekend whatever you are up to


  1. Oh isn't it annoying how life gets in the way of sewing! I don't envy you with the decorating, but the outcome will be worth it. Your birthday celebrations sound really exciting. I am sure that your daughter will remember it for ever. It is a memory making time! Have fun. Di x

  2. Cute! Love the party theme! Am sure it will be great! - is this any good?

    Seems like you had fun with Di! Grrrr on the decorating!

  3. Great pic! Hope the decorating goes well. Just think it'll be great when it's all done!

  4. How lovely to see you T! You and Di could be sisters! Hope the party fun and frolicks all go over to plan. Have a great week. Jxo