Saturday, 20 July 2013

Going back to basics

 I haven't felt like blogging much lately.
I have wanted to withdraw for a bit.
There have even been times when I haven't wanted to sew!!!!
So, I thought I would think about why I started my blog.
The reasons are here.  It was to keep a record of things I made, sewed, baked, grew etc.  It was about recycling, up-cycling and creating things out of not a lot!
So, I thought I would show you this months creations that reflect that.
We picked, washed, stewed and turned our blackcurrants into a delicious crumble all in 45 minutes.

I had great fun making these crazy bloomers from a pattern Moira sent me.  They look huge, they are huge, they took most of a cot duvet cover to make them!!!  But they have been fab as pyjama's during this boiling hot weather.


Another 5 year old girl's birthday party this morning, so Chloe had a cushion.  I had a helper making this with me, who wanted to choose the fabrics, so although it would not have been my choice to put these fabrics together, perhaps they are right for a 5 year old?

The back

Then of course there have been end of term teacher's gifts.  So three of these are for the foundation teachers, and the fourth is for my trainee who leaves in September..... I will miss her, she has been an asset, and has actually taken work off me!

Finally, the children have started to discover my fabric stash and make things out of it when my back is turned.  Hard to see in this photo but Hope has made a collage of a garden with the flowers Jackie gave me.