Monday, 2 December 2013

Time for my 6 weekly blog post!!!!

So much has been going on here.................

I turned 40.  There was a Ceilidh

There was a supreme carrot cake in the shape of a sewing basket.

There were some beautiful hand made gifts...... A lovely Liberty cushion from Di.

And a really pretty little bag full of wonderful goodies from Jan (goodies aren't in this photos as I've been using/wearing them!).

I just about managed to sew my bee blocks.............

Then this pirate turned 3. arrrggghhhh me hearties.

So there was a pirate party.


Then my sewing machine died.  She was a very elderly lady, who had had a good innings.  But I do feel like I've had an arm chopped off not having a sewing machine any more.

Good job that I have been saving up, and asked everyone for money towards a new machine for my birthday.

My brother gave me 40 1 pence's, 40 2 pence's, 40 5 pence's, 40 10 pence's - you get the idea - right up to 40 pound coins.  That adds up to a lot of money.  Here we are counting them all (and the savvy ones among you will see the Janome sewing machine flyer on the table).

So, sewing machine shopping here I come.