Monday, 2 December 2013

Time for my 6 weekly blog post!!!!

So much has been going on here.................

I turned 40.  There was a Ceilidh

There was a supreme carrot cake in the shape of a sewing basket.

There were some beautiful hand made gifts...... A lovely Liberty cushion from Di.

And a really pretty little bag full of wonderful goodies from Jan (goodies aren't in this photos as I've been using/wearing them!).

I just about managed to sew my bee blocks.............

Then this pirate turned 3. arrrggghhhh me hearties.

So there was a pirate party.


Then my sewing machine died.  She was a very elderly lady, who had had a good innings.  But I do feel like I've had an arm chopped off not having a sewing machine any more.

Good job that I have been saving up, and asked everyone for money towards a new machine for my birthday.

My brother gave me 40 1 pence's, 40 2 pence's, 40 5 pence's, 40 10 pence's - you get the idea - right up to 40 pound coins.  That adds up to a lot of money.  Here we are counting them all (and the savvy ones among you will see the Janome sewing machine flyer on the table).

So, sewing machine shopping here I come.



  1. looks like it has been a fun time in your neck of the woods x good luck with the new machine xx

  2. Have fun with your new machine and love your little pirate :-)

  3. Sorry to have missed your birthday! That cake looks fabulous :) have fun sewing machine shopping :)

  4. Looks like a good birthday season! Have fun choosing your new sewing machine. Di x

  5. Belatedly happy birthday! Happy machine hunting. That birthday cake is amazing!!

  6. Oh you didn't say it was your birthday! Love that cash gift idea, I'll have to remember that one. And you totally needed a new machine, like really bad.

  7. I didn't know it was your birthday! You are still not catching me up though! I think I had a good head start! What a great plan- new machine for the next few years hard sewing!

  8. Sorry to hear about the orange old lady but here's to the new machine. Huzzah!

  9. Loads of fun... Pirate party sounds brilliant.