Friday, 17 August 2012

Holiday round-up

This summer holidays I vowed to myself I would sew and blog less, and get out there with the kids more............  so we are over half way through, and I thought it was time for a little re-cap.

I have to confess to still sneaking on the computer everyday, so have loved reading all your blogs (even if I haven't been commenting). I am glad to see lots of you are enjoying the summer.

For us there has been trips to:-

Cadburys world..... oooo I enjoyed this one, loved seeing the production lines in the factory and watching the chocolates being made and wrapped.

Conkers, where we did a bare foot walk through squelchy mud and met up with old friends from Uni.

Camping at Woodhall Spa, which was such a fun town in Lincolnshire.... great weather meant bar b ques and open air swimming pools and geocaching at 6.30am to avoid waking up the whole campsite with my early risers!

Belton House near Grantham.  For tree climing, lots of sliding and managing a day out without spending a penny!

We also had a lovely afternoon at the framework knitters museum in Ruddington, it's a cute tiny place where we did some machine knitting and explored the 1850 and 1900 back to back cottages, and I didn't know what to expect there but really enjoyed it.

There has also been lots of sewing in the evenings.....  I had a brilliant time making my first hipbee block.  A wonky house for Sarah.....

And by now you will I'm sure have seen some other posts about the most wonderful little gifts that Sarah at Sew Me sent to us, a teeny weeny bee made by The crafty Teen (Judith's talented daughter), and a gorgeous pen pouch made from the Zakka book everyone mentions but I have never seen! It's just lovely, and what a fab surprise to arrive in the post.

The stash bee has been a bit quiet lately, and I have been wondering when we will start to see photos of some finished quilt tops from blocks we have made and sent earlier this year.....  Anyway, here is this months block.....

In other sewing news, I am still going pouch crazy, and hoping to move on to make some cushion covers soon.

I am sure the rest of the summer will fly by - see you in September