Thursday, 23 May 2013


There is not much spare sewing time at the moment..... so any sewing I can squeeze in seems to be presents and bee blocks at the moment.
I have discovered a fab pattern for a bucket hat - which I am now intending to make for several boys who have birthdays coming up.
This was my practice, and it's far from perfect, but overall I was pleased with the result.  As it's not good enough to give away the girls will have to share it!

As today is Hope's birthday she has had the Pippi quilt as her gift..... that and a trampoline which is currently half assembled in the garden!

I am secretly thrilled to bits as I've just put her to bed and she asked (no prompting) to have her new quilt to snuggle under.

A very good friend of mine has her birthday in June, so I have got organised and made her a notebook cover from Judith's brilliant pattern, and a zippy pouch.  She drives a lime green beetle so this fabric is just right for her.

There are more birthdays coming arrrgggh ....... please can I have some spare time to do my QAYG panels for the weekender bag before the 1st June.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Party day

Today was Hope's 5th birthday party
 We had a Hello Kitty Party in the garden.
I was too busy to take many photos (and the ones I did take have lots of other people's children on - so won't put here, just in case)!!  But there was pass the parcel in the tent.  There was the chocolate game in the tent.
The girls decorated their own paper party bags - which were then filled with lots of Hello Kitty goodies.
Including little truffles we made the day before

There were gingerbread people


 And of course a cake................

Here's the birthday girl

It was a lovely afternoon

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April's fresh sewing day

Well I really thought I had hardly sewed a thing this month - especially with the Easter holidays and being away for one week of them.  But my sewing round up for the month is actually quite a bit.  So apologies now, this blog post is long, because there are lots of pictures......
Lily's Quilts
First up are this month's bee blocks.... four for Bee Blessed.

Two for the stash bee - these trees were great fun to make.

This cute block for the hip bees......

I completed my first quilt..... which I blogged in more detail about here
Then there was the excitement of the apron swap.... here's mine for my partner

It's reversible....
There was the wonderful day with the East Midlands Modern Quilting Guild, and the start of a weekender bag..... the panels so far.
Another birthday cushion...... the front

and the back!

I pieced together all my Stash bee Pippi blocks
was just about to start layering with the wadding etc and this happened.....

I sliced the tip off my finger with my rotary cutter!  I was lucky, it could have been a lot worse.  However it gave me quite a shock, and hurt like mad, and ever since I have been sporting this huge bandage to stop bumping it.  So this has halted sewing for the remainder of the month!