Wednesday, 1 May 2013

April's fresh sewing day

Well I really thought I had hardly sewed a thing this month - especially with the Easter holidays and being away for one week of them.  But my sewing round up for the month is actually quite a bit.  So apologies now, this blog post is long, because there are lots of pictures......
Lily's Quilts
First up are this month's bee blocks.... four for Bee Blessed.

Two for the stash bee - these trees were great fun to make.

This cute block for the hip bees......

I completed my first quilt..... which I blogged in more detail about here
Then there was the excitement of the apron swap.... here's mine for my partner

It's reversible....
There was the wonderful day with the East Midlands Modern Quilting Guild, and the start of a weekender bag..... the panels so far.
Another birthday cushion...... the front

and the back!

I pieced together all my Stash bee Pippi blocks
was just about to start layering with the wadding etc and this happened.....

I sliced the tip off my finger with my rotary cutter!  I was lucky, it could have been a lot worse.  However it gave me quite a shock, and hurt like mad, and ever since I have been sporting this huge bandage to stop bumping it.  So this has halted sewing for the remainder of the month!


  1. Hope your finger heals quickly! You really did get through a lot last month - all so lovely too!

  2. Ow. I need to start a weekender bag. I should have flown over for your guild meeting and visited my son at the same time. :)

  3. Ouch! Looks like you had a really productive month though! Well done! Thanks again for the BB blocks. Jxo

  4. You have been busy. I love the Pippi quilt. Hope your fingers mends quickly :)

  5. Owie! You were a busy bee, though. Loving the Pippi top!!

  6. Ooh ouch, I hope you heal up soon!

  7. owie! You poor old thing! I managed a subtle form of that, by getting my index finger alongside the blade while slicing- Couldn't think why there was blood- or why my finger was sore... But it was only the slightest slice! They are dangerous!

    Great makes though.

  8. Ouch! Get well soon - I know how much that hurts!

  9. ouch! what a fab list of finishes though. I'm looking forward to seeing your pippi quilt IRL

  10. Pippi is all too cute and I love the trees too. Sorry about the finger tip - I was sporting one of the big white bandages myself for the same reason. Still don't quite know how it even happened. Heal soon.

  11. Ouch! Hope you heal quickly! I love your makes this month, particularly the tree blocks.