Thursday, 14 March 2013

This week

Last night four of us met for 'Stitching It Together' (although I am thinking of re-naming this 'Nattering Together'!!)

Di Showed me how to QAYG, and there are pics of her examples here.

So today I have been having a go myself

It's hard to see the stitching in these photos..... but I'm pleased with the general effect, and I like this technique.  I think these are destined to be a zippy pouch.

One of my favourite things about meeting up with other bloggers is 'show and tell' time, and last night Trudi had the most amazing things to show us.  It's also learning new things from other people.  So my two new tips which I am enjoying putting into practice are hanging my mini scissors on a lanyard round my neck when I sew so I am not always losing them, and sticking a 1/4 inch guide on my sewing machine to mark where I should sew.

There won't be a Stitching It Together in April because of the Easter holidays - but hopefully there will be more chatter, cake and maybe even some sewing on Weds 8th May.

Things I am not so pleased about this month is my hipbees block for Rachel.  I am not sure what happened, I think I got confused when I followed the tutorial, anyway, look -  I completely lost every point in this block. There is nothing sharp about any of the corners.  Gutted.  Rachel has been very kind about it all, and I sent her a little something to say sorry when I sent my block off to her.  Perhaps I will be put in the remedial class.

Something new I have signed up for is the apron swap.  There are still a few places if you fancy it - doesn't everyone need a sassy apron when they're in the kitchen!!
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  1. really like the bright spring colours you used in your QAYG

  2. I had such a lovely time last night, thanks for looking after us so well. I have the pattern for the emmeline apron if you need it for your swap (I've made it and it's pretty straightforward)

  3. Those scientists need to get a move on with teleporting 'cos I'd like to come to your nattering group, sorry, sewing get together! What a nice way to spend an evening, and even better when you can pick up some helpful tips from friendly faces! I usually find that other people's tips can be absolute gems and make my sewing so much easier and more accurate - thankfully, Judith is near enough that I don't need to teleport to get tips from her!

  4. I wish I could come along to your sew alongs as I have no one to sew with in real life. I think your block for Rachel will be fine when they're all in a quilt.

  5. maybe I can time one of my visits to my brothers so it coincides with your sew along: that would be amazing

  6. Thanks for a fun evening and it was good to help each other. You have been quick with the QAYG. It is looking really nice. Di x

  7. Oh those points can be so rebellious at times! Jxo

  8. Like Jan I have no one to sew with in real life either ( weep, sniffle). Your wee group sounds ace! Yes points can be a pain sometimes. Can I ask if you have ever used spray starch??? Sometimes that helps me when they need taming. XX