Sunday, 24 March 2013

more quilt as you go!

Those of you who regularly read this blog will know that I have something of an addictive personality...........  in my sewing this seems to manifest itself in me learning to make something, and then wanting to immediately make another one, and another one... you get the picture.

My current favourite is my newly acquired quilt as you go technique..... which I have now combined with my obsession with making cushions for presents for everyone.

Hard to see the quilting, but I think my lines are getting straigher.

This is a birthday present for the 12 year old girl next door......  her room has a pink and white theme, so I am hoping this cushion will fit right in. 

The back..............

There is also another birthday coming up soon, for a 5 year old...

I have also been practicing for my apron swap, and taking the opportunity to use some of my vintage sheets to do so..........

It's reversible............  I think I prefer the bright green print as the front

I'm not so sure about the pockets, but they are tea towel material so they are good for wiping hands on!

The pattern I used is here.  It was good to make, but I might try another more shaped apron style for my partner.


  1. practice makes perfect!! I find I just cannot make one of anything xx

  2. Great cushions T! And I love your vintage sheets apron! Jxo

  3. Pretty cushions and I like your apron :)

  4. Gorgeous apron - I keep looking at that print and wondering what to do with it, you have done a brilliant job. Please add it to the vintage sheet swap group on flickr to inspire others!

  5. Wow, you have been busy sewing. Love all your makes but especially the apron. Di x

  6. Ah well at least keep making the same item makes you proficient at it with all that practice. The vintage sheet aprons are a great idea. Loving the cushions too.

  7. great cushions and apron. I'll drop that pattern off tomorrow x

  8. Love your patchwork! Amazing!

    Thank you for your message about the craft fairs, the one this weekend is also cancelled *can't quite believe it* so I deleted the post to prevent confusion. But thank you for your lovely comments.

    Also I love Peggy, your steampunk doll, she is so characterful! Hope you're well! Kirby :)

  9. Love the apron, a good use for vintage fabric.

  10. The apron is lovely, I always make my aprons reversible too, yeah a little bit more fabric but it makes it hang better I think, and you get to choose which way you want to wear it too!