Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Show and tell

Here is my 'show and tell' from the past few days.

 I made this lunch bag for the scrappy swap, I really hope my partner likes it, as I enjoyed making it for her - it will be off in the post with some Nottingham lace (my local item) by the end of the week.

eeek - terrible photo, (and I won't draw your attention to the parts of the star that don't line up!) but I made my stash bee block for this month, this was loads of fun to make - it's off to the USA already.

 Two big kisses for the bee blessed quilt this month

Lots of goodies arrived for me this week (can't think why!).  My favourite things are the hand made items..... it's not very clear, but there's a funky lanyard for work which I am very excited about.  My own personalised mug hug....

and Jan (Isisjem) made me the most adorable pincushion and handy sewing roll. - I love it

My decadent treat this week has been a day totally to myself - and I have sorted myself out a sewing shelf..... putting things in tubs and jars and baskets (happy days!) ..... photos of my shelf next time!!


  1. Sweet bag, lovely blocks and nice pressies. Is it your birthday? Di x

  2. All you makes are lovely! The sewing pouches are so useful, and that's a might fine on Jan has made for you!

  3. Lovely goodies! And I enjoyed your crochet! It is good to learn new skills, even when they 'need practise'. It gets easier, promise!

  4. What a lot of lovely things to show us! Thanks for those gorgeous Big KIsses for Bee Blessed - they look great!

  5. Enjoy your new goodies! Thanks so much for giving your time and energy so generously to others! jxo