Sunday 25 November 2012

My name's Tanya and I'm an addict

addicted to............ A5 spiral notebooks!
I take them everywhere, I have one at work with lists and reminders of all the things that need doing, and at home I have one on the go all the time with a variety of lists (things to shop for at the supermarket, things to make, things to make lists about - you get the idea).  Phew I feel all purged now I've got that confession off my chest.
So, imagine my absolute delight when my parcel from the scrappy swap arrived....

Sheila from bluepatch quilter was my partner, and she stalked me so well.  It felt like a best friend who had known me for years had made my parcel.  The green scraps were wonderful, so much yummy green goodness that I have enjoyed stroking and admiring, and putting in my green scraps section..... need to look at the list of things to make to decide how to use them.

But the best part of the parcel was the notebook cover, complete with pen and A5 spiral notebook.

I really love it, and it is in use already.  There were also chocolates in the parcel, but strangely they didn't make it into this photo!!!  So thank you Sheila, I have enjoyed getting to know a new blogger through this swap.


  1. Lovely! I'm partial to a good notebook myself!!!

  2. Ooh great parcel. Sheila's fab!

  3. what a great parcel. Love that notebook cover

  4. She's a clever one, Sheila. what a fantastic package-am hoping mine will arrive this week

  5. Is is right that your addiction should be fed????????!!!!!!!!! Sheila has made you a lovely pressie. Di x

  6. What a great swap you got! Enjoy! Jxo