Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Right up my street

When I was reading Judith's blog the other day, I was intrigued to see this

Vintage fat quarter swap.......

For more details check out the flickr group

Now, most of my fabrics are reclaimed or recyled in some way or another...... so I had a hunt to see if there was anything that I could use to join in with this swap.  Got a wash on, and left everything blowing in the breeze while I browsed the flickr group.

I have come up with this little collection.  Which I hope fit the criteria.  I love these strawberries, and hope someone else will too (I do appreciate that vintage fabrics are not everyones cup of tea)

To quote from Jude..... "There is still loads of time to join in if you fancy having a swap! You can join the flickr group here and post pics of your vintage fqs you would like to swap. There are also some lovely inspiration pics in the group of what you can make when you get your fqs back!"

I promised a photo of my shelf.....

It makes me feel like I have a little sewing corner of my own!



  1. These are brilliant - all look great, glad you are joining in and yes there is still time for others to sign up!

  2. I am hoping to join the swap too - I'm already in the group but I have to find some vintage sheets first! Love your sewing shelves.

  3. Oh these are delicious T! I will definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for them! So glad you are joining in!

    I fully expect that sewing shelf to expand into a corner and eventually take over the entire room! Jxo

  4. Nice fabric and that is one tidy shelf! Di x