Friday, 9 November 2012

getting in knots

This week we had the second "Stitching it Together" evening at my house.  And Hannah taught Di and I to crochet.

Well, she taught Di to crochet, Di took to it very well and whipped up the cutest little trinket pot during the evening - hopefully there will be photos on her blog soon.

I on the other hand was very slow to pick it up, and here was my effort after a whole evening of trying

But, I am not to be deterred, I may not be a natural crocheter, but I have perservered, and finished it.  So here is my completed little trinket pot!

And...... what fun I had organising all my scraps, and putting mine together with the ones Trudi gave me, look at them all in colour order.......

Now there is no excuse, I have to get on with my scrappy swap - thinking of making a pink penguin lunch bag......
Here are details of the next Stitching it Together - let me know if you fancy coming along.
“Stitching it Together”
We are meeting again on Wednesday 9th January 2013, 7pm onwards.
Last time we had lots of fun when Hannah taught us how to crochet.  There has been talk of us tackling a paper pieced block next time….. so watch this space.
Or, if you want to bring something else you are working on that is fine.
There will be cake!!!!
Hope to see you there,     Tanya x


  1. I had a great time and thanks to Hannah for showing us a little crocheting. She was very patient with us. I am now addicted to making these little pots. Di x

  2. I really want someone to show me how to crochet and I hope I'm better at it than I am knitting. Now you need some ziplock bags for your scraps and a big plastic box and you're all full sorted!

  3. that date is deffo in the diary. So sorry I couldn't make it on Tuesday - flipping boys and their bugs! I, for one, need help with paper piecing so bring it on!

  4. Well done for persevering T! Cute basket! Good to see you all having fun! Jxo

  5. Darn it, I wish I lived close enough to come.

  6. Wow what fun ... you're better than me i keep knitting instead and end up with a row of loops!!

  7. Looks like a fabulous evening, wish I lived closer

  8. Well I think you did very well with your first crochet project. When I taught myself how to crochet it took me a whole evening to do a 2" square and even then I think I did it wrong so my advice is to persevere and you will get better and feel like a pro in no time :-)

  9. Tanya, the little pot is great, you did amazing considering you've never crocheted before. Hx

  10. Ohhh! This looks fun! Is anyone invited? Where abouts are you in Nottingham? x