Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fresh sewing day

Lily's Quilts
Every month I mean to link up with Lily's quilts fresh sewing day..... every month I must be super busy on the 1st day or something, as I've never managed it, and this month I have decided to link up and can't show half the stuff I've made as it's secret pressie stuff!
Anyway, now I'm actually here..........

Today has been one of those days when I thought I would get more sewing done....... instead there was a rainbow birthday cake to be made.

Candles to be blown out (everybody blow....)

And when I finally sat down to finish off the bag I was making, everything conspired against me..... I pricked my finger, had to clean blood off fabric;  bobbin ran out at inconvenient moment; thread snapped three times.....

which reminded me of this birthday card from a friend at work

 In case its too small to see it says "Never let a sewing maching know you are in a hurry", and that will be my motto for December.


  1. I love your rainbow birthday cake!

  2. That is indeed a good motto. Awesome cake!

  3. Cool cake! I think my machine has a mind all it's own - hormones too! Jxo

  4. Haha love the card! So true!!

    Your rainbow cake looks fantastic! Must keep that one in mind for upcoming birthdays!

    Looks like you got some lovely projects finished in November!

  5. Ooh fun rainbow cake! And that card is awesome. On to December! :)

  6. That looks like a yummy cake. Nice November makes in your mosaic. I hope that the sewing injury isn't too bad. Di x

  7. Oh wow Tan what a fab cake. Must have made up for the cake pop drama! And that motto on that card is spot on!

  8. that is a very wise card! and as usual the cake looks divine. nice november finishes too