Thursday, 27 December 2012

Phew..... that's that for another year!

All that build up!!!
Christmas was quiet, my brother and his girlfriend couldn't join us for Christmas which I think meant there was an air of emptiness at times. 
The children enjoyed the magic of Christmas - and I enjoyed seeing it through their eyes.
There was the usual stress, too much time spent altogether, children who get up far too early, and over eating!!
I am ready to get back into a routine again now.
But, not before I reveal the secret Christmas gifts................................

It was a year of cushions!!!  I made 6 wonky long cabin cushions and an owl cushion.

And for the kids it was toys.......  little babushka dolls for Eden, all tucked up in their bed.

And the princess and the pea for Hope...........

I think I want to learn to make more toys this year (might make it my challenge to make all the presents for the children's friends this year???)


  1. Great makes. I love how your owl cushion turned out -you rocked it out!

  2. Fabulous pressie makes and a great ambition to set for next year!

  3. I hope that you have that warm feeling inside knowing that you have made so many pressies. They are all great makes. Di x

  4. Lovely babushkas and princess. It would be good to make a lot of the gifts for friends children this year- as long as you do not stress yourself over it too much!
    And the owl cushion is a dote!Really cute.

  5. You survived! Well done! Lovely gifts too! Once you start making presents for your kids friends, it will never stop!!! Jxo

  6. Oh brilliant presents and how did the princess and the peas set go down after all? I'd have loved that as a child!