Tuesday, 11 December 2012

This little elf has been busy!

Having felt relatively calm about Christmas, and how low key we keep things, which means not too much buying, cooking and over doing things.  I suddenly went into panic mode and realised that time is running out to do all the secret stuff that needs to be done with everyone else out of the way!

So............... I engineered a day off work (owed from lots of working beyond midnight) and am feeling pleased to have ticked lots of things off 'the list'.

It's finished

This is my table runner for my Mum, I followed this tutorial and really enjoyed making it.  I am hoping there will be lots of laughter and shared moments sat around this eating yummy food this year!

And santa has done his bit and wrapped all the gifts for inside the girls stockings..... he wants to keep them warm this year, lots of ear muffs, hats and mittens have featured!

And, all the rest of the gifts are wrapped.....  It's a Nordic theme....

I find this time of year very stressful, and try and enjoy spending my spare time in the lead up to Christmas doing Christmassy things with people, rather than spending it preparing for just one day.

So, this year to keep things simple the adults in my family have agreed to give just one present - names have been picked out of hats (you wouldn't believe how much discussion and debate that took), and the only gift I have had to buy is for my Mum.  There is a price limit of £25.  She asked for a skirt, so I had to cheat a bit with the price, but found a beautiful skirt in the white stuff sale.....

This has meant wonderfully little shopping, and more time for spending time with friends.

We entertained this weekend, and had my lovely friend Dave to stay..... which featured good food, a trip to the football (him not me) the X factor final, fish pie and seeing all his photos of the Olympics. Then we had another family over for Sunday lunch, and 8 of us squeezed round the table in our dining room, there was more fish pie, chocolate brownies and a visit to our local Christmas tree festival in the church where our friends were married and their children christened. It felt like how weekends leading up to Christmas should be.



  1. What a beautiful beautiful table runner! It is just gorgeous! And your presents look so coordinated:)

  2. The wrapping makes the present in my eyes, yours look so cheerful.

  3. I'm with you T on how Christmas should be! Your table runner is beautiful! Jxo

  4. Sounds perfect, and a great idea with the Christmas presents

  5. Sounds like you have it all under control - enjoy! Love your runner too?

  6. Good work little elf! Beautiful table runner for your mum. Nice to see you have things all sorted! Enjoy the rest of the festive season as it should be.

  7. Your table runner looks fabulous!!!

  8. Your table runner looks fabulous!!!

  9. The table runner is beautiful. I think that you have your presents under control and what a nice way to spend a weekend. Di x

  10. Love the table runner - you did a great job!!

  11. Your table runner looks awesome!!!

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