Monday, 31 December 2012

For me, me me!!

I decided that after the frantic making for craft fairs and Christmas presents over the past few months, that in January I would just make stuff for me, and for our house.....

I announced this, and immediately lots of requests were made for things that 'we really need'!!

So, I am half way through making a 'scooter bag' for those trips out when it gets too tiring to scoot anymore, and  the scooter needs to be carried.... should be finished tonight.

And, (about 12 months after the rest of you) I have got into making baskets.

Me and Louise had a sewing evening and made these from the pink penguin tutorial

I am going to make one in more masculine colours so that Mark can keep his wallet, phone and ipod etc in one place rather than scattering them around the house!

I've made two round baskets for the bathroom to keep things organised!  Using this fab tutorial for round baskets..... so simple, and great fun to make.

And, I have been wanting to give these birds on a perch a go for ages, since I saw a kit for them in the Summer.  I'm not totally sure of my fabric choices, and they do have a tendency to nose dive - so I need to perfect my technique of getting the driftwood right!  But I am hoping to make more with all the driftwood I collected when in St Andrews.

A reminder that we will be 'stitching it together' again in January, and everyone is welcome.  I need to work out some paper piecing for us to have a go at..... I'm thinking star burst blocks or scrappy pot holders - any views on those???
“Stitching it Together”
We are meeting again on Wednesday 9th January 2013, 7pm onwards.
Last time we had lots of fun when Hannah taught us how to crochet.  There has been talk of us tackling a paper pieced block next time…..
Or, if you want to bring something else you are working on that is fine.
There will be cake!!!!
Hope to see you there,     Tanya x


  1. Love your baskets, good luck with them being used as you envisage!
    When are you off to St Andrews? It is a lovely place.

    Happy New Year

  2. I really need to get on the basket bandwagon - they are brilliant!

  3. Happy New Year. Your baskets are so nice and especially like the round baskets. I have the 'Stitching Together' date in the diary. Di x

  4. Happy New Year T! Lovely makes there, here's to many more in 2013. Jxo

  5. It's on the calendar IN PEN! I've joined up with the lucky Star BOM being run by Elizabeth Don't Call Me Betsy. I could bring along the two templates so far ?

  6. Can you e-mail me your address so I can get there please?