Thursday, 22 December 2011

What??? Even the children?

This was the cry of my next door neighbour when she heard we were having a second hand or handmade Christmas!  She just didn't get it.  She then asked 'is it like a theme or something?'.... and then (embarrasingly) offered us some of her children's old toys etc which she had been throwing out to make way for all the new ones they would get at Christmas!

It's certainly been a challenge, but we have stuck to our second hand or hand made Christmas this year, and do you know what?  It has been fun.

We have given bags of home made fudge to people, Hope and I have great fun making this, rolling the mixture in edible Christmas sparkles.

 I made tins of mince pies for friends - and some for us of course!  Check out those little sparkles, tiny holly leaves and red berries - so cute!

I have to show you a picture of the 'rejects' which were not good enough to be given away - but nevertheless were not wasted!!

I have sewn my socks off...

and this is the list of hand made Christmas presents.....

7 dumpling purses
1 'in the garden' sign
5 scrappy tote bags
2 zippy pouches
3 small zippy wallets
2 pairs of oven gloves
3 draw string bags
1 pencil case
and a sausage dog draft excluder

Everything is wrapped and ready to go

Hope was thrilled this year to actually have her own presents to wrap for everyone - either things she has made e.g. calendars and pictures or things she won on the tombola!!!  She especially loved the sellotape.

Here she is with her parcels....

And, yes they were taller than her when laid out in a row!

I hope she will begin to learn this year that giving can be just as special as receiving.

So - (I know this is early, but I think my internet time will be curtailed as from tomorrow!!), Merry Christmas to you all



  1. Merry Chirstmas to you and yours too! And well done on all the making for a wonderful, memorable Christmas :-)

  2. Merry Christmas! Hope looks adorable as ever. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Your home made/recycled Christmas is an excellent idea and I'm sure all your lovely makes will be very much appreciated by the recipients!

  3. Merry Christmas! I love your concept of a hand made/second hand/recycled Christmas and it's one that Hope will remember for years to come!

  4. Good for you! I wish I would have taken pictures of lots of our handmade gifts. It has felt great to deliver & share so much of ourselves!