Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fabric - there wasn't, then there was!

Recently in our town a home decor and furnishing store has gone bust.... this is sad, but I think they were selling very high end products and probably this was no longer the right location for them.... anyway this led to one of my mad hairbrain ideas.....

They were selling the contents of the shop off at an on line auction.  So, I thought I would see if I could bid on some of the beautiful fabric swatches and pattern books - in my mind I am envisaging making equisite bags and wheaties and bunting and garlands in the most delux material.  So, I wait until half an hour before the end of the auction, and bid what I think is a really high price - I'm not going to embarass myself and let you know how much, but needless to say, these bundles of pattern books went for between £550 and £750 so none of them are making their way to me!

However, my disappointment was short lived, and my spirits really raised when a parcel arrived for me, and it was the solid colour fabrics that I won in a give away from The Intrepid Thread.  Whooopieeee.

So, I got cutting straight away, and have started another scrappy tote, in greens and browns, which will probably end up being my Mum's Christmas present.

Don't forget I'm joining with give away day on Monday..  Details can be found here


  1. Congrats on the win from Intrepid Those solid colors are lovely. I've bookmarked your tute for the scrappy tote, but not sure I will get to it til the holidays are over.

  2. Wow if the pattern books went for that much I wonder what they cost new! no wonder the shop went under. Mere mortals can't afford fabric at those prices!

  3. Holey moley, I hope those pattern books were gold plated!! Wow. Nice win, too!! Great colours, lucky girl.

  4. Good grief, just imagine how much a pair of curtains would cost if the sample books went for that much!!