Friday, 16 December 2011

A wee bit speechless!

Christmas trees for the Christmas fair - decorated by the children

I am rather over whelmed, and almost speechless, (but will manage to ramble on a bit here so no cheering yet!) about the response to my little give away.  - watch out, oscar style speech on the way!

I was in two minds as to whether to even bother joining in the sew mama sew give away, and I honestly thought that maybe 10 of my 14 loyal followers might have a go and leave me a comment to spur me on..... so to find that just five days later I now have 36 followers and 132 comments have been left on my blog has been over whelming. 

One of the fab things has been hearing about everyone's favourite memories of the past year..... we have a lot to remember fondly, and whilst I know some of us will look back on aspects of the past year with regret or sadness, or remorse..... I feel sure we all have a greater number of positive things to recall.  A huge number of the comments related to the children in people's lives, and the things they have done that have created special memroies for us.  I have enjoyed every single comment, some have had me giggling for ages, and I have endeavoured to reply to each.  (You'd be right to assume that no ironing, cleaning, or tidying has been done in my house this week!)  But the other fab thing is the positive response about my little bag for the give away, and also to recycling, and reusing fabrics, I think this is becoming more common now.

So, a huge welcome to my new followers, and thanks to the original gang.

What I have also enjoyed about this week is that I too have found some good new blogs to follow.  And I can't wait to give some new tutorials a go.

But first..... I have to introduce 'Silly'.  Many of you will have heard me go on about my brother's request for a sausage dog draft excluder for Christmas..... and so I made him one out of an old pair of jeans and some bright fabric I won on ebay (no idea what it's called, it was an off cut) and stuffed with old socks and vests.

Considering it was guess work with no patterns, just a few photos found on Pinterest I'm quite proud!

While I'm here I can really really recommend this tutorial for dumplings by Keyka Lou.  I have made about 7 now, and given them as Christmas gifts to various friends.  Excuse the photo, it was taken by my three year old (couldn't find the pictures I took anywhere)

And finally my Mum's Christmas present.... she requested a sign to hang on the door letting people know she is in the garden, so the shells were found when beach combing in Cornwall, the beads are from my treasures box, and an off cut of wood for 50p.

The winner from my give away will be announced when I have worked out the time difference between us and America..... in accordance with the give away rules!!

Now after two children's Christmas parties and a Christingle service today I am off to bed.............


  1. Love the sausage dog and thank you for finally solving my dilemma about what fabric to use to recover my criminally ugly draught excluder - I'm off to the charity shop next week to find some jeans! Congratulations on the wonderful response to your give away and the new follower total!

  2. That sausage dog is so cute! Love your dumpling pouches too. I've seen so many made on other blogs but they always look so complicated.

  3. Oh that wee draft dog is adorable!!