Friday, 21 September 2012

look books!

OK, so I do know that in comparison with the lovely huge intricate quilts I see on other blogs that this is very small fry in comparison, but (disclaimer over) I am so immensely proud of this little mini quilt that I have made - I just want to leap and shout (hee hee)


Here's the back

I have been intimidated by quilts for a long time, partly due to my poor old sewing machine that has slighty dementia and a mind of it's own.  But it did the trick this time, so I am not to be deterred any more.

The quilt is from don't call me betsy's tutorial.  I learnt lots of new things making this - this is the first thing I have properly quilted, I made all the bias binding myself, using this tutorial

And it's thanks for Ingrid for her recommendation of the darker blue fabric to make a border that would stand out, (I was thinking of a green, but I love how this works). Also huge thanks to Moira, as nearly all the books are made from fabrics that she sent me in the most amazing scrap pack I have ever seen. 

I am thrilled to bits with it.

The quilt is my Dad's Christmas present.

On the subject of books.  Ingrid has lent me this one.

So during nap time today I am going to sit down with a coffee and get some new ideas, I really want to try the applique technique (got to learn how to lower the feed dogs on my machine first - when we tried the bobbin holder fell apart!)



  1. It looks fantastic Tanya...the bias binding really helps make it stand out. Hx

  2. Well done Tanya! Such a fun little quilt which I can really relate to as I love books. And do I spy some bird fabric that I may have sent you? :-)

  3. It looks great! You'll definitely have to crank out some full size quilts now! :-)

  4. You have done a superb job and it is nice to learn new skills along the way. You are on a roll now. The quilt is so nice, your dad will love it. Di x

  5. Oh you'll love that book T, I have it! You can also fmq by leaving the feeddogs up and turning your stitch length to 0. You may need to adjust your tension, but it works! I've done it! Jxo

  6. Leap and shout all you like - you deserve to, your quilt is great. Have fun with the applique!

  7. What a great quilt! Well done you. I've made a book shelf panel to turn into a cushion - which I really should do as I made it months ago and it's for a gift! Applique is fun too!