Saturday, 8 September 2012

Blocks and winnings

Phew it's been a marathon of block making here over the last few days.  Not that I'm complaining I think it's one of my favourite types of sewing to make blocks for other people's quilts.  Although I am looking forward to doing some of my own sewing next!

Stash bee blocks..............

These are going to Danny - who has kindly taken over as mama of the hive, which is great because I was wondering if the hive was dwindling so much that when my month finally comes around there would be no-one left to make blocks for me!!

Bee Blessed blocks.............

The blue fabrics were passed on to me by Di from Trudi...... which was fab, I have been thrilled to use these lovely blues in these blocks.

Hipbee block............

  Which is going off to Judith today. I enjoyed this block, and am looking forward to seeing how they fit together in a quilt.

Then I was a lucky lucky person as I won two of the blog hop give aways that were going on recently.

So yesterday there was a parcel for me from Amy at Crafty Shennanigans.

Which contained this fabulous bundle of loveliness. Can't wait to get cutting into this gorgeous fabric, and might just give the almighty aurofil a try!! So thank you Amy.

Have a good weekend



  1. Super looking blocks - I especially love the first ones. Great pattern--looks like a firework burst/sun rays. And yay - your prize arrived!! Hope they can be used somewhere, in something you create! :)

  2. I am so glad Danny has stepped in too, I have been thinking the exact same about my month...all that money spent so far posting to the US, I really hope I get a decent amount of blocks back. Yours are fab.

  3. These blocks are amazing T! I love the crazy ones too! You've had your v.own block party! Jxo

  4. You have been busy. Some great blocks especially the crazy ones! Di x

  5. What lovely blocks. So pleased your stash bee has been kick started. And congratulations on the winnings!

  6. Love all your blocks. I was happy to see you won in the giveaway! Great fabrics.