Thursday, 6 September 2012

Back again

Back to term again (and a bit more time for blogging - I hope) ..........

For us this is a new routine as Hope has started school.

How better to celebrate the end of the first day of school - mars bar scones and chocolate meringues.

It has been a lovely summer - we have done so many nice things and made the most of every day.  The second half of the holidays involved a week to Cornwall to visit family.

 Where you just have to eat pasties...........

Then we had our sewing evenings (ignore the bottle of wine - check out the sea view from the balcony!)

These were the fruits of our labour.  Alice made the fabulous blue scrappy tote bag - using a blue pillow case we found in a charity shop, and some of Moira's fabulous scraps that she sent me - THANK YOU xx
Tracy and I made the pouches, and I had a bash at a wash bag made with a shower curtain we got from the charity shop.

Then we came home, and we made our first ever batch of lemon curd...... I was anxious it wouldn't set, but as it cooled in the fridge it did set - and so these precious two jars will be birthday presents for people.

And, then (drum roll) I managed a long weekend away by myself to Scotland to meet up with my Mum and Dad while they were staying in St Andrews.  Wow, I had the best time.  We walked miles and miles along the Fife coastal footpath, we explored every nook and cranny of St Andrews, we found cafes everywhere we went and had fresh crab for lunch and chai tea latte's.....

There were two sad things when we were there, firstly the Pilot Whales that came too close to the shore and then couldn't get out to sea again, we were there while the rescue crews were trying to save them, and although 10 were saved, about 12 could not be saved.  It felt very very sad to see them.

Secondly, and far more trivial, was that I had heard there was a great fabric shop called very Crafty in  Lower Largo, and so I had saved some money to have a spending spree in there..... alas, the day we walked there it was closed.  My Mum had really hoped to take me there as she had discovered it before and thought I would love it.  Anyway, I have sent her back there with my twenty quid on a day it was open so I have a feeling some yummy fabrics will be on their way to me soon.

Talking of which, I won some give aways recently, but I will blog about those another time, I am hoping to try and blog a bit more often now I might be able to snatch a bit more time. 

I hope you have all had a good summer



  1. Oooo you've made me hungry! Fresh crab, lemon curd and Mars bar scones (need to make me some of those!!!)

  2. You've been to my homeland - I'm a fifer! Great pouches by the way :)

  3. Sounds like such a good summer - I hope your little one is very happy at her new school.

  4. I must remember that craft shop, for when I get to visit my daughter, now she is in St Andrews! That and a visit with Lynz, if possible, though she is some distance away, now.

    Mars bar scones. That is a new one on me- did you invent it yourself?

  5. Welcome back T! Looks like you had some great weather there! Love all the fab pouches! Jxo

  6. What a sad whale story, but sounds lovely otherwise.

  7. What a lovely holiday time - although very sad about the whales! Saw it on TV.

  8. Sounds like you've had a fabulous time away and I'm so glad your lemon curd set for you!

  9. Glad you've had a great summer ....but glad you're back too!

  10. I love making lemon curd .. Looks like u had a lively time x