Friday, 21 June 2013

So what's been going on around here?

Mainly birthday present sewing.......

 A notebook cover for Carole at work, who loves lists (like me!)

And I fell in love with Moira's rose in bloom cushion that she got in a swap, so was keen to have a go myself.  I was slightly disappointed with this, because, although I loved making it, it just doesn't look like a rose to me.....  not sure whether it was my colour choices, or the shapes or what.  Anyway, it nearly hit the bin and wasn't given, but in the end I did give it to Sue, my manager and friend of many years, so I really do hope she likes it.

The back........

Then there was an apron for Tracy.....  thanks Moira for the loan of your pattern. (I will return it when I see you).  It's difficult to see the pattern of the fabric, but it's small star fish, and as Tracy lives by the sea this seemed appropriate.

Big bow (that was bow not bum!)

And it's fully reversible, with orange circles on the other side (good for days when it's tomato sauce for tea!!!)

I am hoping to help Tracy make one of these herself to enter in her local horticultural show when we have our week together in August.

Another birthday hat, for Ollie who is three. Modelled by Eden..... (some days I could almost eat her up she is soooooo cute at the moment - please could she stay like this forever, and not grow into a grumpy five year old?)

After all the present making I actually got an evening to crack on with my weekender bag....  my first attempt at cording, not too bad.  Made a hundred times easier by the fact that my 'stitching it together' mates pointed out that I do in fact own a zipper foot for my machine (all these years I've had one sitting in a drawer and didn't know).  I also made an internal zippy pocket in the outside pocket (if that makes sense)

It's definitely a slow work in progress.

I could have done with it finished this weekend, as (shock horror) I am actually going somewhere for the weekend!  Well to drop my kids off at Mum and Dad's so I can nip to Wembley Stadium to see The Killers, The Gaslight Anthem and James tomorrow night.

Wooo hoooo the excitement is mounting




  1. Nice sewing T. You have done lots. Your weekender bag is getting there, keep plugging away as it is looking good. Have a fab, child free, evening out. Di x

  2. You are so productive- and excellent makes , all of them. It is a very mcIntosh rose, isn't it? I think it looks most effective.

    And if you think 5 year olds are grumpy.... whew, just you wait!

  3. lots of loveliness. The apron pattern is pretty cool huh? enjoy your gig night - I have the killers as my ringtone and owned a fair few james t-shirts in the past

  4. Fabulous makes T! Have a wonderful w/e. Jxo

  5. What a sweet starfish hat! Have fun at the concert! James was one of the first CDs I ever owned:)

  6. I am beyond jealous that you are off to see the Killers! Loving the apron

  7. Have an awesome night- do I recognise some of those fabrics?

  8. I'm very jealous I love James and always have the CD close to hand. The pillow is fab I love the spotty fabric across the back. Have fun.

  9. Lovely makes especially the apron and the notebook cover. Love the hats you've made too! Enjoy your concert x

  10. Your color palettes are delicious! I'm a huge fan of green and can't wait to see your finished Weekender.

    In reference to your comments on the Rose in Bloom, I'm wondering if the problem is that the spiral should have continued further into the center or even all the way. Because the strips are narrower toward the inside, they create the effect of a flower just beginning to open instead of all the way open, in which case you probably wouldn't be able to see the cluster of stamens in the middle. Just a thought!

    Do you know Kollabora, the crafters' community? We always get excited over pretty accessories and would love to see some of your work over there.