Friday, 7 June 2013

Getting ahead with the Bee blocks

It's been all about the bee blocks so far this month.....

I like to do them straight away, so I can feel happy doing other sewing the rest of the month without feeling the guilt of having 'commitments' to left sew.  But this month I am more organised than most (no idea why).

So here they are:-

First is this drunken log cabin for Lynz miss June for the hipbees.  I really loved making this one.

Granny square for Heather in the stash bee.  Hadn't done anything like this before, so we keen to have a go..........

And two blocks for Bee Blessed. Nice and quick and easy, and very effective blocks, this will be a lovely quilt.

Then I whipped up a zippy pouch for Danny and her TRAC charity

And popped one of Jude's daughters cute little cup cakes on the zip (helped to hide the terrible zip ends)

In other news.............  It's our town fair tomorrow.  This is THE local event, everyone will be there, and I am helping to organise the Great Bingham Bake off.  So I am up to my eyes in different coloured icing sugar, cup cakes, voting slips and more cakes!

Look at the concentration...... 

These are the children's entries for the decorate a cup cake competition.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to



  1. Your Stash Bee granny square block looks so good. The one is made is okay, but now I think I need to make a second for her. It looks so much better with the same fabrics in each place.

  2. Those blocks are great.

    Good luck with the cupcakes, little ones!

  3. Great blocks Tanya. I am still scared of starting Lynz's. I hope that THE event of the year goes really well and you have a fun day. Di x

  4. You're on a roll T!! Fab blocks! Thanks again! Have fun tomorrow! Jxo

  5. Lynz's block is great to make isn't it - love yours. Hope you're having a great day

  6. Love my block!!! Hope the sun shines today, too.