Sunday, 2 June 2013

A day late for Fresh Sewing day

Sorry to be a day late.....

Here's what I have been doing in May.

This month I have been making children's hats for birthday presents....

I made a journal cover and pouch for another friend's birthday, bunting for a four year old's bedroom, and my stash bee blocks.

But my big finish was my Pippi Quilt.

I gave it to Hope for her 5th birthday, and can happily say that she loves it.


  1. You have done a lot in May. Your Pippi quilt is beautiful. You were missed yesterday and I hope that you are well again very soon. Di x

  2. Gorgeous hats, what pattern did you use? There's a pattern in the Sewing for Boys book I just need to use it! Congratulations on the quilt finish.

  3. I love the hats! The Pippi quilt is stunning, no wonder Hope loves it!

  4. such loveliness, Tanya. Hope you are feeling better x

  5. Those hats are fantastic. And I love your pippi quilt

  6. Great makes. Loving the hats and Pippi. You've had a very productive May!