Thursday, 28 June 2012

A glimpse of the sunshine in the rain!

There has been a lot of rain here lately - actual rain (good for the veg patch, I know, I'm not complaining), but also a lot of 'rainy/gloomy' mood too.

So, I am trying extra hard to spot the sunshine when it appears from behind a cloud.

A lovely thing did happen - how appropriate that I was awarded the sunshine award.

The lovely Di at Di @Willowbeck Designs nominated me, and I am thrilled to bits.

It's aim is to pass on a bit of happiness and to be a bit of fun where you answer a few questions and link to some blogs that you want to pass the sunshine onto. So here we go.

I have the following questions to answer:-

Favourite colour - Green - always has been and always will be - every shade, not picky.

Animal - Mmmm this is a toughy as animals are not really my thing, as I am allergic to cats and dogs, and most other furry animals.  I like discovering the hedgehog snuffling in our garden late in the evenings.  Does that count?

Number - Sorry - don't have one.

Drink - I like tea, occasionally coffee, as a treat elderflower fizzy water - and if I'm hitting the hard stuff then White wine or Gin and Tonic.

Passion - I think there are a few, I am committed to my work, and get very passionate about the children that I work with.  I am also passionate about living my life in the simplest and happiest way possible, trying to live and enjoy the moment so that our memories are part of our happiness.   I love planning and creating things, whether its baking, sewing, growing veg, etc.

Giving or getting - Either really.  I love giving people things I have made, but get anxious whether they will appreciate them!

Favourite Day - My favourite day of last year was my friend Louise's wedding, when my daughter was a bridesmaid.

Favourite Flower - Tulips

So I have thought a lot about who I would like to pass this award on to next....
And I decided I would like to choose four people who I really enjoyed meeting and spending time with at the recent London FQ retreat
Ana at Anacrafts
Moira at kettle boiler
So I am sending a little sunshine your way.

There are two other happy things this week..... I made this fab lunch bag for myself out of all the little tiny squares of fabric we were given in out goodie pack at the retreat - at first when I looked at them I had no idea what use I would make of them, but then I saw this pattern, and I LOVE IT.  I love the fabric combinations, and I give myself a cheeky little smile when I use the bag to eat my lunch at work!  The pattern is here from Ayumi at Pink Penguin, and it was great fun to make (this might replace the scrappy tote pattern, and become the new item I make everyone for birthday presents!)

 And, last but not least...... drum roll

I am joining the hipbees.  This is a new bee for UK based people with small-ish blogs, and it took a bit of umming and ahhhing, but I am thrilled to be jumping in, there are some really wonderful people in this bee  -  so watch this space for more bee blocks each month.



  1. Love your lunch bag - I've been meaning to make myself one with this pattern for work for ages. I should bump it up my to make list! Yours looks fab!

    I'm sure the stuff you make as presents is appreciated. Nora is very happy here keeping her eye on everything or should that be her trunk? ;-)

  2. Well done for the award! and the lunch bag is lovely!

  3. Nice to learn a little more about you. You we're clever to think of making a lunch bag out of the tiny squares, mine are still sitting on my table waiting for me to have a little inspiration. Di x

  4. Glad that the end result of all that umming and aahhing was to join in with the rest of us! I have this lunch bag pattern on my to do board but just recently gave away the fabric I had planned to make it with. Must get some more - your bag makes me want one NOW!

  5. love your lunch bag and great answers fellow hipbee! xx

  6. Hope you've got your flares at the ready! Great Bento bag - great way of using those cute wee squares! Jxo

  7. OOOh thank you for passing on the sunshine Tanya!! I loved meeting you too!!!

  8. looking forward to meeting all u new people in our hipbee journey x