Friday, 8 June 2012

A family sewing circle

Half term here, and so we have special guests of my partner's sister, Tracy and her lovely daughter Alice.  Every day we are tolerating small people who need a lot of attention (including a very interesting trip to the Mika Rottenberg art exhibition at the Contemporary - never had so many tricky questions by a 4 year old in one day), and watching swimming lessons etc.

Then, in the evening, after the golden hour of 7pm has come - we turn the play room into a sewing room..........

Tracy made a fantastic pin cushion (hard to see but she is proudly showing it here), Alice has also made a pin cushion - these are their entries for their village horticultural show later this summer.

Clearly when you are busy making things - there has to be several dashes for fabric supplies.  So Joan at the local wool shop has done well with us nipping for bias binding and felt and zips.  And then drum roll............ we went to ikea fabric hunting!  (Did you know that there is a free creche for 45 minutes at Ikea???? - so here is 40 minutes worth of fabric shopping)

And I am half way through a bag made of the lovely dark fabric...... watch this space.

I have made my Bee Blessed blocks for the month

And my Stash bee blocks

It has been great fun having other people to sew with, and sharing my tips of things I have made before etc.

Happy half term to you all (nearly over now!)



  1. Looks like fun! Some day I will have someone to sew with too, even if I have to force my grandchildren (assuming these kids of mine ever start having kids!).

  2. Sounds like a great time! I've seen Ikea fabric on a few blogs but never in real life. I always like the patterns though.

  3. It's always fun sewing with others! Love your Ikea purchases! And the Bee Blessed blocks are awesome - received today, thank you! Jxo

  4. Great blocks! And yes fun sewing with others! Or just chatting about it!