Saturday, 23 June 2012

Checking in

I love reading all your blog posts, but it always leaves me wondering how you have the time to post so often..... and have interesting things that you have made/done to post about!!

Days and weeks seem to be whizzing by here.  If I am lucky I am snatching a few hours here and there (usually in exchange for sleep) to get any sewing done.

But I thought I would do a quick post so you don't all forget I'm still here!!

I had another lovely sewing evening with my friend Anna, who is the most skilled 13 year old sewer I know, and she made this Jubilee bunting to hang on her tent at the Hay-On-Wye book festival.  I think it survived the wind and the rain!

Can't remember if I already showed you the wonky block I made in John's class at the London retreat, but I had a go at another one as I wasn't totally thrilled with the one I did in class (too many distractions).  Anyway, I have been wondering what to do with them, as I don't have enough of the fabrics to make even a mini quilt with them.  Then this morning I saw a message on stash bee, and Vickey is asking for donations of blocks to make a quilt for her friend who has terminal cancer - and she was asking for wonky log cabin blocks 12.5 inches in bright colours...... what a coincidence, so these will go in the post to her today.

Another scrappy tote bag (I have lost count of how many I have made now - I simply love making this pattern, and I think I have given almost everyone I know one for a present now - best find something else to make for them all soon!)  Anyway, this one was made out of a pair of white jeans I found in a charity shop, and a mix of turquiose scraps, and some vintage sheet for the lining.

So must dash, it's our town fair today, which is high excitement for us!!!  It means stalls and rides and bumping into lots of people we know, and controlling Brownies on the Brownies stall (hook a duck, face painting and a cake tombolla) and guess what..... the Sun is OUT.......

If I have any energy left tonight I intend to layer my quilt ready to have a go at my first ever attempt at quilting.  I know lots of you use basting spray, but I haven't been able to get any, and so I am going with the traditional pinning method - I have seen some fab examples of this on another blog I love, and I am keeping her comments in my mind that it's the imperfections in our sewing that give it the character - wish me luck!!



  1. Have a wonderful time and lucky you with the sun and everything- anyone would think it was the end of June! I hope it stays out all day for you :) if you do have enough energy tonight then good luck with your quilting, I really don't think you can go wrong (if you want 'homemade' not 'perfection,') as few wrinkles and tucks are badly noticeable to someone else- I have a little experience in tucks but no one cares

  2. I love the bag Tanya....might follow your lead as we always have lots of never to be worn again jeans here!

  3. What a great bag! I must have a go at this pattern. Hope your quilting goes well. I always think a few little imperfections give work character. After all if it was completely perfect it would look like something mass produced and not the individual handmade look we really want. Have fun at the fair too!

  4. I'm with you. Taking photos is the biggest hindrance to blogging. Great up cycling with the jeans!

  5. Hope the Town Fair went well! The bag looks great, I love the pops of the turquoise.

  6. A bit late I know to comment, but I hope that your town fair went well. Your bag looks really good. I love to see your recycling as you always make something beautiful. Di x

  7. I would so love to go to a town fair like that. The closest we have is a parade (that goes right in front of my house) and a petting zoo and inflatable water slide.