Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What's that? Time off?? It's all gone Wonky!

Can you tell I'm a bit demob happy today?

It's because I just finished work for the Easter holidays...... whooooppppieeeee.  Twelve days off, here I come!

And last weekend I managed 24 hours of freedom away from the kids and the usual routine to go and visit my good friend Rachel who lives in Chester.  Rachel is quite a funky so and so as will soon be revealed.   What did you do with that precious 24 hours I hear you ask?  Well, good question, but no, I did not go shopping, nor did I spend the day in the spa, nor did I chill out in the cafe or the pub.    No............ we spent the afternoon geocaching (an on line treasure hunt) - a four hour marathon in fact, during which we found 21 caches.  Here I am pointing stupidly at a well hidden cache under a fake plant.  

It would have been a near perfect afternoon had it not been for THE COWS...

Yes, I know it's irrational.  Yes, I know I should just 'man up' but the fact is I am terrified of cows, their mere prescence at the other end of a field sends my heart thumping and I can taste the fear in my mouth.  And this lot were NOT at the other end of the field!  No..... we were well and truly chased by a large herd of bullocks, and I went leaping over a barbed wire fence in blind panic!

Then I had just recovered from that and there was a second field of cows to contend with - this lot were a bit nicer, but they were very interested in us and followed us across the field.  Poor Rachel had to get the geocache from under the tree roots as I was nowhere to be seen (other than hiding behind the barbed wire again snapping photos)

To recover we did nip to a nearby pub for a celebratory drink - and I couldn't resist posing in front of Rachel's brand new fancy mini cooper - with funny little lights inside that you can change to different colours depending on your mood (what's that all about?)

 And then an American diner??

Nope that's Rachel's themed kitchen, all set out like a real American diner.  So I had 24 hours enjoying a very different lifestyle to usual - and we had good fun catching up together.

Back home it all went Wonky when I read Jude's blog, and saw my shimmying Pippi Longstocking needing a home!  This months bee blessed is making Wonky houses to go with the Pippi's.  So I couldn't resist, in fact I couldn't wait - I was up til midnight having a go at these last night.  I am quite pleased with the one on the left, but not sure the one on the right quite makes the grade to be sent off? (I was getting a bit tired by then)

Anyway, they were lots of fun to make out of my scraps - go on have a go yourself!

My next challenge is the stash bee block for this month - which is a beautiful looking Gothic window block. Only I am finding that I never have the required colours of fabric in my stash each month at the moment..... and this month it's grey/yellow or black/yellow prints...... so there's nothing like that at all in my stash - I managed to pop to Beales in my lunch hour today and got some fabric vaguely resembling these colours, so will be able to give a practice block a go tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like a great 24 hours!
    I've got some black fabric with yellow dots which I really don't like (got it in a lucky dip!) - would you like it?

  2. Looks like you've been having great fun! Love the american diner kitchen too. Your wonky houses are really fun!

  3. I seem to remember us having a cow incident doing D of E at school?! I've got friends into Geocaching but I must be a jinx because whenever I've been with them the cache's are no where to be found! Enjoy your time off!

  4. Glad you had fun, despite the cows. And both your houses look fine. We are into houses this month, too at Stash hive 2!