Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Can't stop whistling Jerusalem!

Tonight't the night!  In our town the new WI (Women's Institute) starts tonight.........  And there's high excitment here!

My friend has set this up - and it's a new WI aimed at the 'younger' age group.  I imagine tonight we'll just plan what we want to get up to over the next few months, but it will be good to get involved in something new. 

Mark has been busy taking the mickey out of me and singing Jerusalem very loudly..... the tune of which I now have stuck in my head (so I am getting very anxious that I will march into the hall humming that tune and sound like a real banana!)

I am aware that some of the content of this post might only really make sense to English readers - not sure if you have the WI in all other countries too?  (I'd be interested to know)

Quick photo while I'm here

These cottons were my mother's day present...... when I got up (after my tray in bed of hand made cards and flowers etc) there was a treasure hunt all set out for me to find all these new cottons.... which was great fun for all of us!  I have used some of the cotton and as I feared it does have a tendency to snap - but I am sure I will be able to make use of them for hand sewing.

And a sneak preview

 Can you guess what these are?  More details in due course

OK I'm off to the WI.................................



  1. Oohh, good luck at the WI! Ours is the usual bastion of ancient interested to hear how yours goes!

  2. Hope that your WI rocks!
    Di x

  3. Thanks Tanya for mentioning the new WI here, and thank you for coming. I am still feeling slightly overwhelmed by the number of people who turned up last night and it was fantastic to see a diverse group of women together...I may even feel inspired to start blogging about it!! By the way loving the new threads and I'm trying to work out what you've been making, they look cool. Hx

  4. Enjoy your WI experience! I tried joining one here, but work gets a bit involved at times, and I cannot get there in time. Maybe when I retire!

  5. Good luck at WI! Hope you have lots of fun.