Saturday, 11 February 2012

A snowy week

Well it's been snow joke this week!!!  Snow has played havoc here, so what better to do than embrace it and make snowmen......  Here is our snow family.  Little Eden didn't quite know what to make of the snow and just sat really really still for ages on the snow while we made a snowman next to her!!

This was our method of travel this week...... we delivered the village notices by sledge, and Hope was pulled around everywhere by sledge (which she loved).

Not a great deal of time for sewing...........  but I made a practice run at my new pattern for the boxy bag by Judith.  I love this pattern.  However, there are a number of flaws in this prototype.  Using old jeans means the denim is very soft and floppy (so not a very sturdy bag) and if you look closely you can see where the worn out knee was!  Also, the width of a jean leg is not sufficient when making this bag..... hence the totally random and un thought out patchwork effect.  When I make it again I will consider more carefully how to patchwork the jeans.  Or find some alternative material and get some strong interfacing.  It's a great pattern though, and easy to follow, and I love the boxy edges.  So, there will definately be another attempt.

This evening my young friend Anna (13) came round for one of our sewing evenings, and we made a jean skirt out of her old pair of jeans....... well, there was a fair amount of unpicking during the evening, but we had great fun and managed it in the end.  We followed this pattern (and I'm going to have a go with an old pair of my jeans soon, so watch this space)  But mine will NOT be as short as Anna's.  I dropped her off home and quickly drove off not wanting to know yet what her Mum thought of her new rather short denim skirt!!!

Also, I am half way through my pineapple block for the stash bee..... and ran out of black material (bad planning)  so now waiting for some to arrive through the post. 

I keep checking the tutorial for this block, and I think I'm on the right lines, but I just hope it measures the right dimensions when it's finished..... It's been a great fun block to make though, and it think could be strangely addictive - I'll be making 2 this month I reckon!

Happy weekend everyone



  1. I think your bag looks great. Maybe next time some spray starch would help to stiffen the fabric?

    Love the idea of jeans skirt. I've sorted out some clothes I no longer want and in it were some jeans so must have a practice!

  2. You have been busy this week with nice makes and lots of snow. Di xo

  3. Looks like you all enjoyed the snow. What is a stash bee? Seen it mentioned on a number of blogs.