Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Freezing February

Ooooo it's cold.....

So here are my heart warming ramblings for the 1st of February!

First of all my link up with fresh sewing day at Lily's quilts

Lily's Quilts 

I have really enjoyed being in the stash bee..... and made my first tree block for Sunni - just waiting to hear what Feb's block will be.

This month the mouthy stitches swap has taken hours and hours of my time, and not always in a good way.  In my mosaic is the side of my pouch that I made which nearly everyone (and my partner) disliked.  So I have finished that up and made it in to the pouch at the end and I will have to love it myself!  I am still working hard on the actual swap item..... but no sneak previews here because I couldn't cope with any more negative comments!

The rest are birthday presents............... (shut your eyes Alice!), and Jamie's win from my giveaway.

This week my winning jelly roll from Jodi arrived this week.....

I am so so so thrilled to bits to win this prize, because I don't have much new quilting fabric, using mainly old recycled clothes and sheets etc.... so I have found this book at the library (sorry awful pictures, but I'm not here in the daylight much at the moment to take photos)

And I think there might be a simple enough quilt in there that I can have a go at..... unless anyone can recommend anywhere else to look for ideas for patterns for jelly roll quilts?

And another exciting thing happened this week..... Judith opened her etsy shop...... whoopie, you have to check it out.  And her pattern for the denim bags is there, so I bought one straight away - fingers crossed next month I can link up to show you that I have made one.

Right - I'm off to fill the hot water bottle up!



  1. ohh I spend it feels loke hours looking through jelly roll books at the library, and same as you I never really buy any new fabric, I just use old stuff, but I really would like to try one of them, maybe I will have to cut my own jelly roll...
    And gald you use the library, good to know that someone's there to keep me in my job ...

  2. I really like your mosaic for the month, so not sure what the offending pouch was!

  3. I have that book and my 5 year old daughter and I made the first quilt in it (it's basically stacked coins) over the summer with a jelly roll she picked out at Joanns. I am sad to say it's just a quilt top, but I have had all the backing fabric laying on my ironing board for about 7 months and I take it off every time I press something and put it back every time I leave the room. I guess I should get it done before spring since it's a really floral springy looking thing!

  4. Wow the blog is really coming along;) fair play to ya 52 followers its will prob b a long long time til I reach that! I too love to use the Libary, speaking of I really should sign up to the liabary here! Congrats 2 on winning those giveaways well done:)

  5. I have that book - try the Blue Lagoon - I am making that one at the moment, and it is really not complicated - and Bars of Gold looks even simpler! Have a good weekend.

    Pomona x

  6. I hope you're keeping warm and cozy! You have a lovely mosaic of creations there. I love your tree and the chicken is so cute!! I liked your proposed side for your pouch- sorry to hear it got a negative response in the Flickr pool (tough group!) Now I'm nervous about posting my practice run. Congrats on the jelly roll win-- did you find a pattern to use? There are so many wonderful tutorials out there too-- I have a soft-covered mini-journal that I keep handy when I'm reading blogs so I can write down ideas for quilts and sewing projects--- its a real help. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it!

  7. I love that book - really clear instructions and lots of lovely quilts to look at!