Saturday, 25 February 2012

In and Out and off we go

Some times I think bloggers keep the postal service going...... and this week it's postie action again - yippee.

Firstly, I had a wonderful winning envelope arrive through my door (during a hideous, awful, hopefully never to be repeated day - but I won't go into that, it would definately be TMI), and so it brought some sunshine with it and cheered me up.


This is the pouch that I won on Susan's giveaway.  She has a fab blog - so check it out here.

Her pouch is so neat, beautiful zip ends and did you see those cute chickens?  I am torn about what to use it for..... maybe all my bobbins, but I want to use it where other people will see and admire it, so maybe bits and bobs at work.  Plus..... check out the amazing scraps she put inside..... all those birds and owls and apples and ooooo I so have to do a little birdie project now!  Thank you so much Susan.

Yesterday we chilled out at home in the afternoon (unusual for us because we always seem to be dashing around here there and everywhere), and I spotted this pippi longstocking tutorial for the next blessed bee quilt. Well I loved reading pippi longstocking when I was a kid...... I loved her red hair, long plaits and I seem to recall she slept the wrong way round in bed, with her feet on the pillow and head under the covers (or have I just made that up in my imagination?).  This sent me on a trip down memory lane about children's stories, anyone remember Mrs Pepperpot who would sneeze and shrink to the size of a pepperpot and then get into alsorts of bother?  No?  Just me then!

Anyway I digress.....

Here she is my pippi longstocking block....... now I know it's not perfect, but squint slightly and the body does line up with the head and legs!  Anyway she is going off to join the next bee blessed quilt. Their flickr group is here.   If you fancy having a go, it was fun and Judith would be pleased to have some more I am sure.

Off we go
OK as many of you will be fully aware today is the day to post your mouthy stitches pouch swap... mine has been wrapped up in it's brown paper for over a week now as I had to stop looking at it because it made me panic whenever I did!  It's going, and I have no idea what my partner will think.  I might even have to make Mark take it to the post office in case I chicken out of sending it.  So my first swap..... off we go.



  1. Brilliant pouch you are sending and your partner will love it. Your bee block looks like she is dancing and having the time of her life. And I am pleased you like your wee prize. Thank you for being so kind.

  2. Lovely pouch you've made, and of course the one you recieved too :-) I remember Mrs Pepperpot too... I loved that book!

  3. I remember Mrs Pepperpot - I am sure I didn't read any Pippi Longstocking books though. Lovely pouch from Susan and lovely pouch for your Mouthy Stitches partner. Hope you don't have any more bad days :-)

  4. Love your pouches! And I loved Mrs Pepperpot!! Didn't read Pippi Longstocking but was a big fan of Milly Molly Mandy!!

  5. Hi T, got your Pippi today! She's awesome - thanks so much! She can keep my Pippi company now until the others arrive! Love your mouthy pouch too - lucky partner to get that one! Jxo

  6. Are you happy? Cos I am with my truly lovely pouch - sorry if I stressed you out! Have to admit I stress out myself over swaps - it causes me Angst! But worry no more your package it really appreciated!

    I read Mrs Pepperpot to my eldest daughter and had to make a costume for her on one of those book day things at school! Lovely block and I thought they were meant to line up that way - looks like she is really grooving to the music!

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  8. At last worked out how to reply......just to say your pouches are lovely and am going to try my hand at one of those little ones!

  9. What a fun post!! I love your chicken pouch (I collect chicken fabrics and kitchen towels) and all the wonderful scraps that came with it!! Congrats on the win!! And I remember Pippi Longstocking (the song is going thru my head right now). I think your block is wonderful-- and it perfectly suits Pippi in its quirky-ish head-body-feet arrangement. What a great block! And i hope to be mailing my Mouthy Stitches pouch tomorrow as well. Yours is wonderful-- no need to be nervous at all. Your partner will love it-- you did a great job! I love the scrapiness, fussy cuts, beads on the zip end and hand stitching-- lots of nice details there.