Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy Days

Yesterday I had the most wonderful surprise.

There was a note through the door from the postman to go and collect a parcel for my partner.  (He had ordered some dull techy thing - well dull to me, he was ecstatic about it!), so I marched off to the post office.... and actually there were 2 parcels, and one was for me.  Now parcels always make me excited, and so it was high excitement at lunch time when we finally had the chance to sit down and savour the moment of opening it.

It was well wrapped up, and took some opening, and as I was opening it began to smell lovely!

Inside were these beautiful postcards, with some lovely messages to cheer me up before returning to work next week (2 sleeps to go - arrgggh)

And then inside the parcel was the most adorable little pouch, with giraffes on, and I am going to use this as a pencil case I have decided.  Also, a fab book about Oxford, my home town, and so i am going to really love reading this.  And then..... the biggest bundle of the most incredible scraps I have ever seen.  The reason the parcel smelt so lovely was that there was the tiniest bottle of wonderful perfume in there - can you spot it in the photo??  And these ribbons (I am on the hunt now for tutorials which can encorporate these ribbons into something cute - tips anyone?).  Plus the cutest pin with beads on it....

Before I say anymore many of you will know who this came from... it's my school friend Jan (Isisjem), who got me into blogging in the first place (and to whom I am greatly indebted for this).  If you haven't already, check out her fantastic blog here

So, thank you Jan, so very much......

And, my sewing maching came back from being serviced today - and it is much quieter when sewing now!

Happy Days



  1. Wow!! What a great and thoughtful surprise-- lucky you!! I love the ribbons, too. I have been saving/collecting a few special ribbons for just the right occasion-- no bright ideas to share from here, but I'll watch and see what others suggest to you. Enjoy all your thoughtful goodies and the book, too! What scent is the perfume? I'm already a follower of Isisjem/Jan-- we were in a swap together. Good luck with the transition back to work!

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Enjoy the read and finding great things to sew with all the goodies. Hx

  3. Oooh so glad it arrived safely and you liked it. It probably was quite fragrant as I reused the jiffy bag I'd had some hand made soap come in and yes my parcels are often difficult to get into because I once had something split open on it's way to a friend in the US and half the contents were lost - I now go a bit OTT ;-)

  4. What a lovely surprise! How has the return to work been?