Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bee gone!!

Hopefully the reason for the name for this post will become clear.......

Another wonderful winning came today...

A gorgeous hot plate from the scrapbucket quilter.  I love it.

If you look back to my previous post, I set out some of my new years sewing tasks.

3) was to work out what a sewing bee is.

And I had a message from Jamie (check out her great blog here), who suggested the stash bee had a place.  Now I began to panic, still not really knowing what this entailed, but decided to jump in with 2 feet (I usually find that people point out my mistakes as I go along and then I work out what I should be doing along the way - so figured that will probably be the case here!)  Before I knew it Sunni had signed me up.

All this when my sewing machine has just broken.

so number 5) was put into action, an advert for 'servicing sewing machines' led to Keith coming to collect my sewing machine and promising to have it back working again by the weekend. (Keith, by the way, was not as I had imagined him to be..... he looked like he should be sitting behind a piano or an organ at a holiday camp evening entertainment, he had slick grey hair, and the shiny patent black shoes).  So my machine has disappeared in the back of his car.

But, today has not been wasted, I have planned and cut, and drawn and planned and cut again....

These will be going to make up my tree square for the stash bee (will it be up to scratch of these here?).


  1. Oooh good luck with Bee's I've not been brave enough to sign up for any myself. And congrat's on more winnings. It is always fun winning something - even more so when you actually get the prize (I didn't the last time I won something!)

  2. I like that hot plate! Very colorful and festive! Glad to hear you've joined stash bee!! Can't wait to see your's hoping your machine is ready in a jiffy!

  3. The hot plate looks great on your stove. I am glad you finally received it. That was my first time shipping across seas. Kind of exciting. I just wanted to say, I finally got a chance to look around on your site. I love it. Everything you do is super cute. Just one question...How did you get so lucky as to win multiple giveaways. I am thinking with your luck, a trip to Las Vegas is in the works. :) Lisa

  4. oh ya, and thanks for the link to my blog.

  5. Good luck with the Bee - I can't wait to see your block! I hope Keith can revitalise your machine!

  6. Oh good luck with the Sewing Bee! I haven't done an online one yet but they look like fun and also a great way to get to know other bloggers.