Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The 'to make before Christmas' list

FairyFace Designs

Thanks to FairyFace designs, and also to Lynz I have decided to put my list of things to make up here.

Fingers crossed I will look back at Christmas at how well I have done getting so much done, rather than being mad with myself that so much is left on the list for next year!!

- Maisie's toy dinosaur
- Ben's toy dinosaur
- Harry's toy dinosaur
- Dad's oven gloves (shhh don't tell him Mum!)
- Bag for Alice
- Height wall hanging for Eden
- Secret items for Mum
- Three tote bags
- fabric flowers
- Bag for Rachel
- Mermaid for Hope

Also, I want to try and find a simple swap to join in (if not too late already)


  1. Wow all this before Christmas! You do know how close Christmas is don't you? Mind I can talk my list is Mahoosive!

  2. Nah, that's a totally doable list!! I want to see the dinosaurs!!