Thursday, 13 October 2011

Simple beginnings, or "what can't you do without"?

As much as anything, this post is for me to look back on in years to come, and see 'the way things were'!!

The 'what can't you do without' part of it, is to ask you which piece of sewing equipment you use time and time again, and would never be without - then I can decide if these are things I also need!

Firstly, I am going to introduce you to my current sewing equipment.

My sewing machine is almost as old as me - not a delightful vintage Singer, but a Frister and Rossman.  It belonged to my nana, and came to me when she died when I was 11.  It is the only sewing machine I have ever used, and I wonder if I would be able to learn to use another sort.

Also another inheritance (from my Granny) was her sewing box..... full of her sewing things, alsorts of bits and pieces that I have no idea what to do with i.e. poppers and weeny scissors and old buttons and lace and a variety of bobbins and cottons.  The thing I love the most about it is the memories it contains.

In here are needle threaders, and pins that I use over and over again and could not do without.  What do you have in your sewing box/basket that you can't do without?

So..... on to my fabric stash (I read about other people's drawers and drawers of fabrics.... well I have a small old pine box with the random bits of fabric I have collected.....)

And now my carboot and thrift sale finds................

A huge tub of cottons for 2 quid.

And fabrics

These are all clothes with prints that I loved, and so now I need some small projects to make with them.  Maybe the tissue pouches that Judith (Rags to Bags) has demonstrated??

If you were asking for one piece of sewing equipment for your birthday present what would it be??


  1. If I were asking for one piece of sewing equipment it would have to be a larger cutting mat and if I was allowed more asks I'd have some different sized rulers like a square one to go with it. I wouldn't be without my sewing machine.

  2. I agree with isisjem a good mat, ruler and rotary cutter, id survive on a needle and thread after that!
    Love the ideas you have behing your blog, using up what you have n trudged supply's. You should check out she has great ideas and is ways thrifting.
    Looking forward to future posts:)

  3. We'll say it's a "cost is no object" thing, right? Then I want a studio room! LOL Right now, it's the living room mostly, for my sewing machine & ironing board. The stash already has its own room, but there is no room left over to sew in there! lol (3 big IKEA "Billy" cabinets with glass doors, full of fabric. A tower of plastic tubs, I think the fleece is in there. A 4-door dresser with crafty stuff. And an open, vintage bookcase with more stuff on it.)
    I think the one thing I would miss the most out of my sewing box (which is a Harry Potter tin box) would be the dental pick. I use it for guiding seam allowances under the foot of my machine, poking out corners - lots of stuff!

  4. I had never heard of this kind of sewing machine until last week and now I've seen 2!! It is a beauty and I'm sure has many years ahead of itself. Stash's (is that a word) well they can grow when you least expect it, I started in our spare box room and oozed out onto the landing... whatever it is, there isn't anything that beats gazing at your own stash and sitting a while amongst it - maybe rifling through other peoples blogs comes close ;-)

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  6. My mum had a Frister when I was growing up, 'hearing' them mentioned again brings back memories!! My fabric stash is not unlike yours but I dream of having a large stash of pretty fabric that I can pull from whenever inspiration strikes but instead I must await the postman before I can start a project. One day...!