Monday, 3 October 2011

Autumn inspiration

This weekend we picked all the butternut squash we have grown this year - 12 mini squashes of cute little shapes and sizes.

Did you spot the fabric??  I found this in the fabric bucket outside the charity shop this morning.  I need suggestions for what to make with it. I also need suggestions for squash recipes!

We also have lots of apples that came from my Mums tree.

Again - the apples match the fabric.  (which is an old duvet cover).  This has been used to make a knitting bag (can't show a picture it's going to be a birthday present for someone)

On the theme of bags, I have made my first tote bag this weekend....  with random scraps that needed using up, and the main material is a piece of old curtain that someone had thrown away - how great that rather than being resigned to landfill this now has the second chance as a happy bag!!  I must thank tatertots and jello for their guest project - which I used as a tutorial for how to make this bag.

Right, I am off to make the most of this unseasonably warm weather.


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  2. Yay you're blogging! Great tote (other comment is deleted because I had typed gibberish!)

  3. Lovely bag- nice scrappy mix and great flower shape!

  4. great bag.
    a nice recipe for butternut squash is risotto with roasted butternut squash and chestnuts...proper warming.
    Happy cooking and sewing.