Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A few finishes


Well, I am very excited to show you my completed hipbees quilt.  It's simply fab.  There aren't many good photos today I'm afraid, because the light just wasn't helping today, and this quilt is now all wrapped ready to give my Mum for her birthday at the weekend.  But I will try and take some better photos when she has opened it!

There are a few 'thank you's' necessary for this.  Firstly thanks to all the lovely hipbees who made star blocks for me, I am thrilled with how they look together, you all did a great job with the paper piecing I asked you to do, and I think the border works OK.

Secondly a huge thank you to Trudi who quilted it for me, it's hard to see the beauty of the quilting in these photos, but there are lovely grey swirls all over the quilt, which just make it sing.  It was definitely the right decision to get this properly quilted by Trudi. 

When I thought about it, I thought maybe it was cheating a bit giving this to my Mum for her birthday, because let's face it, I didn't make the majority of the blocks, and I didn't quilt it!!!  But actually, on reflection I love that this was a collaborative effort by a variety of kind and strong women, from around the Country, some of whom I have met, and others I haven't yet.  I think it somehow represents what women can achieve when we work together...... and I think my Mum will realise that is a gift in itself.

In other news, I have got the 'sew it together' bug!

It was a fun day with the East Midlands Quilting Guild getting to grips with this pattern.  Grateful for the all the help I received, and apologies for the sudden Tourettes outburst!

This one is for the girls, to keep all those pesky hair bobbles and clips in one place....

And this one was a birthday present for Tracy.............

It's not obligatory to use it for bobbles and clips, although apparently my three year old told Aunty Tracy in no uncertain terms that was what it was for, and what to put in which section!!

I think there may be more of these on the horizon!!



  1. Love the colours in the quilt. Great bags

  2. Lovely quilt, I'm sure your mum will feel very lucky to receive it. I love your sew together bags too. Something I've not yet made, though you are fortunate to have the help of the quilt group and a little swearing always helps!

  3. Fantastic makes. Your Mum will love that quilt x

  4. The quilt for your mum is brilliant! I saw a close up of the quilting on IG! Stunning! And I love those pouches. Jxo

  5. Yey for all the finishes- the sweary outburst was funny more than anything :D

  6. It looks fab! I'm sure your Mum will love it :)

  7. I bought zips for a Sew Together yesterday! And I proper lol-ed at tourettes quilting!! I do that often. *g*

    Your Hipbees is beautiful!! Mum will love it and I agree it's actually lovely to gift a collaborative quilt.

  8. love the quilt, it's beautiful and I like the border. Well done on getting a second Sew Together bag done so quick! I have to say, I didn't notice the Tourettes, does that mean I'm unobservant or just that I didn't notice anything different to usual?!?

  9. Love how the quilt has turned out. Your mum will be thrilled!

  10. another fabulous quilt and I think your mum will love the back story too. Your sew together bags are amazing as well. Brava!