Saturday, 23 February 2013

Half term round up

Just one day left...... and normal service will be resumed (Phew)

It has been a great half term, and we have made the most of having a week without routines and deadlines.  There has been a day trip on the train to York.  With a visit to Bettys tea room - that was my treat for this week. 

The national railway museum...... what a fantastic place.  We had lots of fun there.

There has been a visit to grandparents in Oxford with a trip to the Ashmolean Museum

Then this little piggy went to market!  I have joined the local country market and took along a few of my bits and pieces for their craft stall.

Not a lot of sewing has been going on..... but there were 2 nights of complete chaos on the dining room table.............

During which I had far too much fun making Peggy the steampunk softie.......

She did have a nook on my shelf, but now she has gone off to stay in a far more superior B and B.  For bookings click here.

And this afternoon we have been to see a local amateur production of

Please can I go back to work now????


  1. Love your Peggy! and hasn't she gone to a great BandB?

  2. Love Betty's in York, fabulous treat. And love what you made Lynz, very clever

  3. Sounds like a great half term, the railway museum is fab. Love Peggy too!

  4. Looks like a busy and fun half term. Peggy is fab. Di x

  5. I love peggy - she rocks. I'm going to email you something that you might find useful for your stall x

  6. Madam Peggy Herne (her full title) will hopefully move into her permanent abode here on top of the new landing bookcase tomorrow! She is settling in nicely although she is a feisty one and the other dollies are a bit in awe of her!

    I thought that was a teenage relative outside Betty's!! How cute are you?

  7. you will be going back to work for a break! love Peggy! my hubby and I went for a break to York before we had our kids and loved it so much. Really want to return soon. Glad you have survived the hols ;)

  8. Hi Tanya,
    I just posted my Pippi block...sorry it took me so long, usually I am on time or try to be early with everything. I will have it in the mail tomorrow.

  9. I miss half terms, my kids now have one major summer break, jun to sept, and very little time the rest of the year. York is my home town it's a lovely place.