Thursday, 14 February 2013

February book challenge

This month I am joining in with Heart of Charnwood's book challenge.

I used a pattern out of this library book.....

For an extra swingy shoulder bag.

I really wanted to use my lovely flowers and birds fabric which I got for £2 in the January bargain bin on Newark market......

The pattern is great, it uses freezer paper for the pattern and you iron it on and then cut out the front and back of the bag pieces all in one go - which is quick, but I thought it was very wasteful of fabric, so didn't do that for the lining.

Here is my finished bag (please can we have some sunshine for better photos soon)

I added a button and ribbon as a simple way to close the bag - and make it a bit safer to use.

And I did the pocket differently to the way the pattern recommends to.

It's a very simple and easy pattern, and worked for me, but I think it's a bit girlie for me to use, so it might end up being a present - might make another one???



  1. It's lovely, well done, and Good Luck with your competition entry! : )

  2. It is lovely and not too girlie. Di x

  3. Oh, I love it! But I have a thing for pretty shabby chic style fabrics. They clash mightily with my skull hoodies, though (I shit you not!)