Friday, 11 January 2013

moan, moan, moan

I don't usually grumble on my blog.....  so close this link now if you like.

But I would quickly like to get some things off my chest.

When we were away over Christmas my bike was nicked out of the shed.   So, no bike at present.

Last week I left Mark's good camera (the one I use for my blog photos) on the kitchen work surface.  Small person managed to reach it and pull it onto the floor smashing the lens.  So, no camera lens at present.

Spent this morning at A and E with same small person who had a piece of lego stuck up her nose.  Fabulous service from the NHS, so no lego up nose at present.


Attempted to make stash bee block today.  Despite this being a "stash" bee I had already had to buy £10 of fabric to make the block as once again for this month's block my stash did not contain the colours specified.  Also needed was a dresden ruler.  Not owning one of those, I did some creative improvising.


My creative improvising did not work.  Currently the peppermint wheel is huge..... like ridiculously huge. 


Now, I have a dilemma whether to continue wasting fabric on this pin wheel (and possibly turn it into a cushion for myself), or send it as it is (not sure about that plan as I think the queen bee would be horrified), or start all over again, at the moment there is a risk of almost the whole tenner of fabric being wasted.

On the brighter side...... because there always is one!

I have made two more birthday presents - for twins.

DSC_0799 DSC_0800


  1. Love your bright side makes. Am relieved at retrieval of lego from nose. Sympathise with thefts and breakages. And think your peppermint wheel is fabulous in all her voluptuous glory in spite of her not being what you need her to be. The decision to send it will depend I suppose on what was asked for - was the request for a specific size? If your blocks needs to be in blues and whites I have some scraps from my blue and white kaleidoscope that I could happily gift you to save you buying more fabric. Let me know what sizes and I can email you a pic or two to see if you want anything.

  2. argh - days like those are a pain. Glad the lego has been extracted.

  3. Oh dear what a crap time you're having. Glad lego got safely removed. You really need some good luck!

  4. Hey girl, you need a vacation! I have been having one of those days involving driving all over and not getting anywhere and a flat tire minutes before I was supposed to deliver cupcakes at my daughter's school for her birthday. I can feel it in my face that I just need a good cry.

    I am happy to make an extra block and send it with mine because I already said

  5. Sorry

    I'd do an angel block so what's one more? I have the ruler and I signed up for the Dare to Dresden blog hop so I better practice. Plus it'll save you postage!

  6. E-mail me for fabric needed, is there any rule about who's stash it comes from? And I have a ruler too you can borrow :) lovely cushions!

  7. Stressful day. Glad that the Lego was sucessfully extracted and one little person is no worse for wear. What brilliant people there are out there with offers of fabric etc. if I can help just shout. Di x

  8. Love those personalised cushions. What a pain with the fabric!

  9. Aw t! What a run of rotten luck! I can't see any of your pics, but in future, tell the queen bee if you don't have their specified colours and what colours you do have and see if that is acceptable.

  10. Ooh I thought it was only boys that stuck lego up noses... Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  11. oh man lego up the nose sounds like no fun at all!!!! glad they got it out and yes you are having a crappy time of it at the mo and I sympathise entirely! Sorry about the theft (unbelievable) and breakage.

    If I can help out with fabric or anything then please let me know, I don't have a huge stash but wouldn't want to see you stuck or in a pickle hun! xx